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Windows 98 start menu.Start menu


Windows 98 start menu.Customize the Windows 98 boot process by editing the MSDOS.SYS file


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Feb 11,  · Windows 98 – At first glance, the Windows 98 Start menu doesn’t look very different to the original. A new log off option to support 98’s new multi-user interface was added alongside the Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins. Apr 30,  · The Microsoft Windows Start menu is the primary location in Windows to locate your installed programs and find any files or folders. By default, the Start menu is accessed by clicking Start in the bottom-left corner of the Windows desktop screen. Windows 98 Start Menu free download – Start Menu Cleaner, Start Menu Organizer, Microsoft Windows 98 SE, and many more programs.


Windows 98 start menu.Get IT Done: Troubleshoot Windows 98 startup problems with these tips – TechRepublic

Feb 25,  · You can do so by repeatedly pressing the F8 key during the earliest phases of the Windows 98 boot process. Eventually, you should see a boot menu, and Safe Mode will be . The Windows 98 Style Menu sample, demonstrates how to emulate a Microsoft Windows 98 menu style for your own website menu. This sample uses a color scheme common to Microsoft Windows It also uses a three dimensional effect that is generated by declaring a High 3D Color and a Low 3D Color. The main menu is raised but the menu items are sunken. In order to get this feature you can either . Jan 04,  · In the \Start Menu Folder, you should see the list of things on your start menu, including a folder for “Programs”. If you open up the Programs folder, you should see a list of all the shortcuts that show up when you move the mouse over Programs in the Start Menu. Now, try to find the “Startup” folder. If you put it back in the Start Menu under “Programs”, it should be in the C:\Windows\Start .
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Get IT Done: Troubleshoot Windows 98 startup problems with these tips
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What is the Start Menu?

Anyone who has ever supported Windows 98 in a large-scale enterprise can probably tell you that there are a million different things that can prevent Windows from booting correctly. Fortunately, there are some relatively easy techniques you can use to diagnose and repair stubborn boot problems. For example, the master boot record could have been corrupted, destroyed, or overwritten by a virus. This particular type of error can either be really easy to fix, or almost impossible, depending on the extent of the damage.

The first thing I recommend you do is create a boot disk that you can use to repair the error. The identical version part is important. On the good machine, insert a blank, formatted diskette into the machine.

At this point, write protect the disk to prevent any viruses that might exist on the failing machine from infecting the disk. COM file and the hidden IO. SYS files. You should now be able to boot the failing PC without the repair disk.

However, keep in mind that there are a couple of things you should do before attempting a reinstallation. Check for any obvious signs of corruption, such as scrambled file names or an over abundance of. CHK files. Instead, you need to either reformat the hard disk or work on fixing the corruption. I recently wrote an article for TechProGuild on creating a Windows 98 emergency repair disk that contains more utilities you can use to fix the problems at hand.

The disk described in that article also provides you with access to your CD-ROM drive from the command prompt. Safe Mode If your system is suffering from a Windows Protection Error or a General Protection Fault, the next step of the repair process is to attempt to boot the machine into Safe Mode.

You can do so by repeatedly pressing the F8 key during the earliest phases of the Windows 98 boot process. Eventually, you should see a boot menu, and Safe Mode will be one of the choices. Windows will begin loading normally and then stop abruptly, displaying the Windows Protection Error message.

Normally, this error is caused by either a PCI device conflict a bad device driver. A virus corrupting a critical Windows system file can also cause the error. The first thing that I recommend doing to fix the problem is to scan for viruses. I recommend using ViRobot Expert from Hauri. This antivirus program will not only run in Safe Mode, but it can also repair many of the most destructive viruses. Most of the other antivirus programs on the market simply quarantine infected files rather than trying to repair the damage.

According to my sources, the program will be available in the United States as early as February This means that you have to figure out which driver or drivers is causing the problem. This tends to be a long and tedious process. BAT files for any real mode drivers that the system might be loading. Use your text editor to REM out any real mode drivers that you find.

Then open the Control Panel and double click the System icon. When the System Properties sheet opens, locate the Device Manager. Go through the Device Manager and make note of any hardware devices that are present on the system.

You should then use another PC to download the latest drivers for each device from the Internet. When you have all of the necessary drivers, go back to the Control Panel and double click the System icon to display the System Properties sheet. At this point, select the Device Manager tab. For each device on your list, expand the device category, select the individual hardware component, and click the Remove button. Be sure to uninstall the video card listed under Display Adapters last.

After each device has been uninstalled, click the OK button to close the Device Manager. You may now reboot the computer. When the system reboots, Windows will detect each device in the computer one at a time.

Doing so tends to prevent device conflicts. Once all of the new device drivers have been loaded, you may have to manually reconfigure some settings such as your network connection. This somewhat tedious process, however, should fix your Windows Protection Error. General Protection Faults and illegal action errors Finally, General Protection Faults GPFs and illegal action errors are usually caused when a program tries to use an illegal memory address.

Instead, these errors can be caused by any segment of code, even at the system or device driver level. The address that the program tries to access may be illegal for any number of reasons. For example, another program may be using it already. Other causes are that the memory address is flagged as read only or the address may not exist at all.

Whatever the cause, the important part is fixing it. There are countless things that can cause system errors. If you’re experiencing GPF or illegal action errors, I recommend beginning the troubleshooting process by following the instructions found in the section above on dealing with Windows Protection Errors. The main difference is that a GPF is a less severe error. Editor’s Picks. Ransomware attackers are now using triple extortion tactics. Ten Windows 10 network commands everyone one should know.

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