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What is asus ram cache.MODERATORS


What is asus ram cache.


RAMCache II – Is it worth it?.My experience using RAM cache : pcgaming


Aug 28,  · Ram Cache III and Sonic Studio III download Hi. I recently bought a Rog Strix xf motherboard, and the product page says these utilities are available for it, but on the support/download page there’s nothing under Drivers and Tools. The RAMDisk software is exclusively offered on selected ASUS ROG product lines and enables users to utilize the available system DRAM to its full capability. 1. Design Concept. The basic concept behind the ROG RAMDisk software is to provide a quick and easy way for users to further enhance the performance of their system and durability of their SSD (s), by utilizing the system memory (DRAM) that is not in use. Oct 14,  · software. asus. ramcache. usb. external hard drive. hdd. Go to solution Solved by Electronics Wizardy, October 13, The software is a disk cache, id just not use it. WIndows will already do this for your, and there are issues with data corruption as it tells the system a file is written when its really not.


What is asus ram cache.RAMCache II – Is it worth it?

Sep 12,  · RAM is a volatile storage medium, caching your stuff in RAM is in fact “a maximum risk of data loss” regardless which method or software you use. The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache. With RAM cache enabled: when system requests a file from disk – it loads from disk normally into memory, but also is copied into cache, so next time file is requested from disk – it will be loaded from cache instead. when system requests writing to disk – file goes into cache and is written to disk at a specified interval (i set 60 sec).

Ramcache allocation
Are RoG RAM Cache and RAM Disk worth running? – Page 2

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Check here! My experience using RAM cache self. I enabled cache for system drive C and games drive D , for both reading and writing operations. Now my programs start instantly and games load much faster. You can enable or disable it with the following commands open powershell as admin :. But this feature is so useful i hope soon there will be freeware versions. Windows and Linux[1] automatically do this.

I’m not sure what the application you are using is doing but in practice if you read out a file i. This happens for me with BF4 – the first time it will take a long time to load, the subsequent matches won’t. Generally, it doesn’t seem worth it to mess with Window’s memory management. Microsoft, thanks to competition from Linux and MacOS, have probably already picked off the low hanging fruit when it comes to general purpose memory optimizations. It works! I disabled memory compression, now cache is filled with 1.

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It appears that windows 10 has memory compression enabled by default. I am going to disable it and see how my memory usage changes – i have an old cpu and a lot of ram, so it may be beneficial for me. Linux and Windows use all the free memory memory that is not actively used by any of your applications to cache data from file access. This data gets thrown out with newer file access happens OR if an application asks for memory and the only “free” memory is used for caching right now.

The parts where compression comes into action is what is called swaping. This is when all your applications use up close to or even more memory then your system has. In that case the OS grabs unused memory blocks of your applications, compresses them, and puts them into its own swap-memory blocks. If your application accesses this memory the CPU intercepts the access and the OS unrolls all its memory compression efforts. Don’t see why they wouldn’t compressed the cached data to avoid tossing said data out Windows in contrast to Linux in the default settings always swapped out way more memory before it needed to.

This has advantages and disadvantages. Unsure if anyone ever tried to compress file system cache data. But you have to understand that file system caching is a very opportunistic system. Meaning is just makes use of all the free memory of the system. If you have 16 GiB ram and only one small application open, then the OS will happily use And if it runs very low on memory then it will already be swaping in and out a lot of other applications memory.

And now also doing that with the file caching would put a lot more strain on the CPU. I don’t know if anyone ever tried and has hard numbers on performance. I saying, it might start compressing the existing data in the Standby cache before swapping anything out. Linux can compress it before tossing it. See zram and zswap for compressing to a ramdisk or compressing to a swap device, respectively.

Windows Superfetch is more selective in what is cached in RAM frequently accessed data and the cache is typically filled shortly after logging in to the desktop. Especially the first loading screen after starting a new game or continuing an existing playthrough, presumably it’s caching commonly used data in to RAM since subsequent loading screens are a lot faster they could be even faster I believe, if everything was cached in to RAM.

I know that Windows does this – but I did see a big difference in stutter in Skyrim, specifically – which was what I was trying to optimize at the time when I started using PrimoCache. The speed of RAM prevents the server from hanging up during IO requests which makes a better experience for people connecting and of course ridiculous Crystal Disk Benchmarks numbers.

Played CS 1. Hard to explain exactly how. Anyway – turning ramcache off solved it Doubt i will use it anymore. What exactly are you doing that enables Ram Cache? As far as I’m aware it’s not built into windows. I used primocache it has trial. If it’s superfetch then how is the user controlling how it’s used? Last I checked you can’t specifically tell it to make sure all of Diablo’s cached data goes to RAM, it will only put it there if it finds you are using it often. Like he is doing before and after comparisons.

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