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Slardar dota 2 guide.Slam And Death – A Guide to Slardar


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May 19,  · Slardar, the Slithereen Guard, is a melee strength hero who uses brute force, low cooldown spells, and high physical strength to bring his enemies to their knees. He excels and thrives in close combat situations, and has high mobility, strong initiation and ganking abilities, and good synergy between his abilities. Feb 05,  · ” Slardar is a powerful close-range stunner who depends on physical damage. He excels at chasing down fragile heroes and Bashing them into . Aug 06,  · Dota 2. All Discussions (Offlane) Guides | Slardar. By ImmortalFaith. Join Discord if you have any questions! [] Follow me on twitter if you want to know about any updates! Award. Favorite. Subscribe to use this guide inside Dota 2. .


Slardar dota 2 guide.Slardar – Dota 2 Wiki

May 19,  · Slardar, the Slithereen Guard, is a melee strength hero who uses brute force, low cooldown spells, and high physical strength to bring his enemies to their knees. He excels and thrives in close combat situations, and has high mobility, strong initiation and ganking abilities, and good synergy between his abilities. May 22,  · Dota 2 Slardar Guide by Samwell93 I was very excited to read the Shifting Snows update and lo and behold I spotted a huge Slardar buff. The cooldown for Amplify Damage was halved to 5 seconds. Slardar has carried me to where I am today, I think the . Find constantly updated Slardar guides from the top performances of the week. Each guide includes item builds, ability builds, timings and more. Get Plus Get Featured Hero Guides are based on TrueSight data from matches with a verified player or Plus subscriber.
Dota 2 Slardar Guide
Slithereen Guard
Slardar – Guides – DOTABUFF – Dota 2 Stats
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Slardar , the Slithereen Guard , is a melee strength hero who uses brute force, low cooldown spells, and high physical strength to bring his enemies to their knees. He excels and thrives in close combat situations, and has high mobility, strong initiation and ganking abilities, and good synergy between his abilities. Guardian Sprint greatly increases Slardar’s movement speed for a lengthy duration, and allows him to chase down heroes, and escape with ease.

Guardian Sprint can be used to get right next to enemies so Slardar can use Slithereen Crush , which delivers an area of effect AoE stun to nearby enemies followed by a minor slow afterwards, all on a very low cooldown. This allows Slardar to take on multiple opponents simultaneously and deliver a potent initiation.

Bash of the Deep serves as a strong steroid ability, occasionally locking enemies in place while Slardar whacks at them with impunity. Finally, his ultimate Corrosive Haze is a great armor reduction modifier and allows him to reveal an enemy for its duration, making Slardar very potent against tanks and invisible heroes alike. It will also increase the damage dealt by his Crush and Bash, since they are physical. Although a strength hero, he has a high physical damage output, and an agility gain and armor value which rivals that of most agility heroes, allowing him to carry quite well if the situation calls for it.

Chasing enemies relentlessly, pummeling them into the ground, and reducing their armor to shreds, Slardar is a fearsome opponent to face. Sign In. From Dota 2 Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Old Abilities. Known Bugs. Slardar, the Slithereen Guard.

Lore :. Slardar is a Slithereen, one of the Deep Ones, guardian of a vast network of sunken cities and the ancient riches buried within them. In the lightless gulf of the deepest ocean abysses, the Slithereen Guard patrols secret treasure rooms, ever vigilant against the subaqueous thieves sent into the deeps by covetous dryland sorcerers.

He is utterly loyal, and his taciturn nature hides deep knowledge of the most secret places of the sea. He rises to the shallows in spite of the pain caused him by brightness, to commit reconnaissance, to make sure no one is conspiring against the depths, and sometimes in relentless pursuit of the rare few who manage to steal off with an item from the Sunken Treasury.

Because he has spent his whole life at great pressure, under tremendous weight of the sea, Slardar the Slithereen Guard is a creature of immense power. Sam A. Mowry Responses. Ability No Target. Slardar slithers ahead, moving significantly faster and passing through units. Slardar gains movement speed bonus while in the river. River Health Regen Bonus: River Armor Bonus: Persists death. As Slardar has made the transition from the Deeps, it has been necessary to use his powerful tail for sprinting instead of swimming.

Notes: Guardian Sprint does not interrupt Slardar’s channeling abilities upon cast. Turns Slardar phased for the duration, allowing him to pass through other units and wards. The river bonuses are applied when Slardar makes physical contact with the water of the river. This means if he is moved out of it vertically, the bonuses are lost as well, until he lands back in the water. The bonuses of the river do not linger at all. Multiple instances of the river bonus do not stack.

The status resistance from Aghanim’s Scepter stacks multiplicatively with other sources of status resistance. Damage Physical. Slams the ground, stunning and damaging nearby enemy land units. After the stun, the affected units are slowed. Cast Animation: 0. Effect Radius: Puddle Radius: Puddle Duration: Puddle Aura Linger Duration: 0.

Corrosive Haze Duration: 5. Whenever Slardar casts Slithereen Crush, he creates a puddle of water that is considered a river for movement and bonuses. Causes Slithereen Crush to apply Corrosive Haze for 5 seconds to units affected. Increases radius by Slow persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled. A swift crush of might and water breaks even the toughest of defenses. Slithereen Crush first applies the stun debuff, then the slow debuff, then the damage.

With Aghanim’s Scepter , the created puddles provide an aura which grants the caster the river bonuses.

Unlike the river, the puddles do not grant the bonuses to any other unit, not even the caster’s illusions. Also unlike the river, the river bonus from a puddle lingers for 0. If Corrosive Haze is not learned, no debuff is applied. Corrosive Haze is applied after Slithereen Crush’s other debuffs, but before its damage. This means the damage benifits from the armor reduction. Ability Passive. After 3 attacks, your next attack will bash the target.

Deals double damage against creeps. Required Hits: 4. Thieves of the wealth of the Deep Ones meet the brutality of the Slithereen Guard in melee combat. Notes: Does not stack with other bashes. Each successful attack done on an enemy hero or creep adds one to the attack counting buff.

The buff is always present, but turns invisible when at 0 charges. Does not count attacks done against allies, wards or buildings , nor bashes them on the bashing attack. The charges have no duration and last indefinitely. When the charges reach 4, the bash is applied and the charges set back to 0. The triggering attack first applies the debuff, then its own damage. The bonus damage is dealt in one instance together with the attack damage, and counts as attack damage as well.

It can be lifestealed off of and cleave , but it is not considered by crit. It is also not affected by percentage-based attack damage bonuses or reductions, but can be reduced with flat reductions. Treats creep-heroes as creeps. Ability Target Unit.

Reduces enemy armor to amplify physical damage and provides True Sight and vision of the targeted unit, revealing invisibility. Even the strongest armor counts for little when left to the brine of the sea. Notes: Provides shared vision and True Sight over the target. The health talent increases maximum health capacity, and keeps the current health percentage.

The lifesteal talent stacks additively with other sources of lifesteal. Increased turn rate from 0. Guardian Sprint No longer unlocks the maximum movement speed limit. Bash of the Deep now deals 2x damage against creeps. Aghanim’s Shard upgrade: Slithereen Crush Now also increases the radius by Now applies the Corrosive Haze debuff before the damage, instead of after.

Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade: Guardian Sprint Reduced health regeneration bonus while inside a puddle or the river from 35 to Reduced armor bonus while inside a puddle or the river from 12 to Added Aghanim’s Shard upgrade for Slardar : Causes Slithereen Crush to apply the current level of Corrosive Haze to all enemies hit by it, lasting 5 seconds.

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