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Schoolhouse technologies vocabulary worksheet factory.Word Lists


Schoolhouse technologies vocabulary worksheet factory.Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 – Introduction


Additional word lists for Vocabulary Worksheet Factory.Vocabulary Worksheet Factory – Schoolhouse Technologies Knowledge Base


I teach Spanish, French and English to adults, and I’m very impressed with the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory and Schoolhouse Bingo. All of the Schoolhouse Technologies programs are super easy to use, and the tech support has been excellent. At Schoolhouse Technologies, we want you to be % satisfied with your purchase. Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4, 5 How do I purchase with check or purchase order? To purchase with a check, complete the order form, attach a check, and mail to Schoolhouse Technologies at one of the addresses listed at the. Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 – Introduction. KINEX Program French and Spanish Vocabulary Worksheets – Some created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. Worksheets using Chinese and Pinyin Presented by ULearnChinese. A New Word List called Mathematics Terms – Check Out Add-Ins. ESL Materials from ESL Tower.


Schoolhouse technologies vocabulary worksheet factory.Vocabulary Worksheet Maker | Schoolhouse Technologies

Release history for software from Schoolhouse Technologies. PRODUCTS Schoolhouse Test Math Resource Studio Vocabulary Worksheet Factory Schoolhouse Bingo Downloads Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. Version: Release Notes: Schoolhouse Bingo. Version: Release Notes: PRODUCTS. Online support for Schoolhouse Technologies products: Schoolhouse Test, Math Resource Studio, Vocabulary Worksheet Factory, Schoolhouse Bingo. Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 – Introduction. KINEX Program French and Spanish Vocabulary Worksheets – Some created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. Worksheets using Chinese and Pinyin Presented by ULearnChinese. A New Word List called Mathematics Terms – Check Out Add-Ins. ESL Materials from ESL Tower.
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Improve and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students with challenging and motivating worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory. It is the ideal resource for spelling, language arts, ESL instruction, and vocabulary enrichment in any subject.

Quickly create individual or class sets of vocabulary worksheets to support your lessons saving valuable preparation time and resources. Designed for educators but ideal for anyone interested in making word searches, crosswords, word jumbles, and other vocabulary puzzles and activities. Activities are automatically generated from your word list, sentence collection, or text file. I use the vocabulary worksheet software.

I have subscribed to another software package this year. No other software comes anywhere near your products. Your stuff is easy to use and adaptable to Australian needs.

All the worksheets I make using Schoolhouse Technologies software look professional and are easy for children to use. The one off payment gives me a solid product that I can use almost daily. Engage and challenge your students with vocabulary worksheet activities with limitless variations. Create word searches from any word list in seconds. Hide the words in up to eight directions.

Jumble the words in the word bank to add a degree of difficulty. Or provide greater challenge by using clues in place of the word bank. Select from a wide variety of configuration options for your word search puzzle that will make it suitable for students of any age.

Then simply print as many copies of the puzzle as you require, along with the automatic answer key, and watch your students dig in! The cloze creator built into Vocabulary Worksheet Factory provides educators with a fast and easy way to generate cloze tests for their students. A cloze test is a reading comprehension exercise involving a text with selected words deleted and needing to be replaced.

With Vocabulary Worksheet Factory you can take any passage of text and instantly turn it into a cloze worksheet. Take any word-list and turn it into a crossword instantly.

Press the Generate button to get a new layout until you get one you like. Add a word bank to provide self-checking for your students. You can also add hints to make the crossword a little easier to solve. For example you can add five percent of the letters, the first letter of each word, or all the down words. Other options include rules for concatenation, and square size and color. Provide your students with a set of words in which the letters of each word are jumbled and they are tasked with unscrambling them.

Choose whether to reverse the letters, randomly mix the letters, or split the word and then jumble the splits. You can also provide a clue for each word and add a word bank. Part crossword and part word search, the task here is to fit the list words into the encircled squares.

Words can read forward, backward, up, down and diagonally and will normally cross other words. You can increase the difficulty by hiding the capsules surrounding the words.

Or make it easier by providing hints with a displayed first letter or a percentage of letters. In this activity each word is hidden in a forest of letters. The task is to draw a line that follows the trail of letters in the hidden word. The trail can take many turns up, down, right, left and even double-back on itself. To increase the difficulty of the trail, you can optionally turn on diagonal direction changes as well.

Or to make finding the trail a little easier, you can show the first letter of each word. Other options include adding clues and a word bank. Students provide the word that best matches each clue. A word bank can be added to make the task a little easier. Or, to add an extra challenge, the words in the word bank can be turned into jumbles with the letters randomly scrambled, reversed, or split and repositioned. This is a new take on the traditional word search.

In this variation all the vowels are missing! So the task is to find the hidden list words using only the consonants.

Like the Word Search activity, there are options to place the words in any direction and to allow letter sharing. A variety of grid shapes is also available including frames and holes.

And column and row coordinates can be displayed. Any block of text can be made into a spelling exercise. One word in each line of text is automatically misspelled. Students must identify the misspelled word and write the corrected word on the line provided. A word bank can be provided for self-correction. And the words in the word bank can be turned into jumbles to add an extra challenge.

Words are strung together to form a trail through a maze of letters. Beginning with the circled letter, students use clues or a word bank to find and mark the trail of letters of all the connected words through the maze to the last letter. The path can wander up, down, left, right, and, if selected, diagonally. Options include concatenation rules, maze size, and color. Take any block of text and selectively remove the punctuation.

Students then insert the correct punctuation where needed. Automatically remove periods, commas, colons, semicolons, question marks, exclamations, apostrophes, hyphens, quotation marks, spaces, and uppercase. You can also remove additional characters and symbols with the Custom Remove function. Choose to show prompts that indicate where punctuation is missing or add an answer bank that lists the type and number of punctuation that has been removed.

Use a sentence collection to give students an editing exercise. Automatically remove selected elements of the sentences including punctuation, spacing, and uppercase. The students then rewrite the corrected sentences on the provided lines. And to add an extra challenge, the sentence can be reversed. This activity is similar to Secret Trails. But unlike Secret Trails where each word trail is in its own grid, wacky trails puts all the word trails in a single grid.

So the task is to find and connect the trail of letters for each word. The trails can wander up, down, left, right, and, if the option Allow Diagonal Placement is enabled, can wander diagonally. Each question has a number of similar words but only one is spelled correctly and matches the clue that is provided.

The letter of the correctly spelled word is to be written in the space provided after the question number. The number of choices to be generated can be selected ranging from two to six. The Framework activity is similar to a crossword but rather than clues to work with it is the number of characters in the words that is used to find the solution.

To make the activity a little easier, hints can be provided as a percentage of letters revealed or as the first letter in each word.

In this activity the words have been written in code. The task is to use the decoder ring to crack the code and write the decoded word on the line beside the code. The letters in each word have been shifted clockwise or counter-clockwise a specific number of spaces on the decoder ring. The secret code can be different for each word. Options allow for decoding direction and minimum and maximum decoding moves. Take any sentence collection, and quickly remove specific words, groups of words, or parts of words creating a variety of activities to teach and reinforce correct sentence structure.

Like the Word Shapes activity, Sentence Shapes develops skills identifying words based on the shape ascending, descending, neutral of the characters but within the context of an entire sentence. Use the Word Selection editor to select the words in the sentence that should be represented by boxed character shapes.

Students then fill in the character boxes with the correct letters according to their shape. A list of the words that have been removed can be provided. Similar to a regular word search, this activity adds a twist with each word forming a right-angle.

Word paths may run north, east, south, or west, will make one right-angled turn, and may cross another word path. It can be made a little easier by indicating the beginning of each word using the option Show Start Bubbles. Working with the list of words shown in the word bank, students put the words in alphabetical order.

You can select the order direction: ascending or descending. Clues can be provided for each word to add another level of engagement to the activity.

Hints can be provided as well in which the activity begins with a percentage of words already placed in alphabetical order. Students are given a set of words with a number of letters missing from each word. Letters are automatically removed based on the selected criteria. The selection criteria can be set as a numeric value ranging from one letter per word up to six letters per word or as a random number of letters per word. The missing letters can also be all the vowels or all the consonants.

And there is a custom option which allows for specifying particular letters or letter combinations for removal. The replacement for the missing letter can also be selected: underline, dot, dash, or none.

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