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Samsung np300e5c-a07us.Find the Best Laptop For Me


Samsung np300e5c-a07us.Samsung NP300E5C Series 3 15.6″ Notebook User Manual


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Samsung NPE5C-A07US. Posted 8 years ago. JImko. Wow – the past reviews are slamming this laptop. I must say – the laptop is not that bad. Yes – it does feel a little cheap, but look at what you got for the bundled price. It has a good processor and you can add 4GB more RAM to it. It is an entry level laptop with better specs than most entry. Superb Choice® 60W Samsung NPE5C-A06US NPE5C-A07US NPE5C-A08US AC Adapter. Type: AC Adapter. Compatibility: Samsung NPE5C-A06US NPE5C-A07US NPE5C-A08US. AC Adapter Voltage: 19V. AC Adapter Current: A. Model #: AT-SGC. Step 3 Hard Drive. Remove this 4 mm Phillips #8 screw using a Phillips #00 screwdriver. Firmly, but gently pull the cover towards you. After moving the cover .


Samsung np300e5c-a07us.NPE5CA07US – Original Samsung Parts & Accessories and Products

NPE5C. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support UK. Compatible storage for: NPE5C. No results found for the selected filters. Crucial MX 2TB 3D NAND SATA inch 7mm (with mm adapter) Internal SSD. CTMXSSD1. Configuration ID: CT 2TB inch internal SSD • SATA Gb/s • MB/s Read, MB/s Write. compare click to compare. Samsung computers have an additional partition to recover computers or save backup files. (Only for models with the The capacity representation in Windows may be smaller Recovery.) Page Q&A Chapter 5. Troubleshooting Windows 8 Related What is a .
Samsung NP300E5C Hard Drive Replacement
Samsung NPE5C-A07US reviews, ratings, prices, and specs.
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Memory RAM & SSD Upgrades | samsung | np series notebooks | NPE5C |

Table Of Contents. Quick Links. User Guide. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Troubleshooting Trouble shooting guide user manual ver. Page 3 Chapter 1. Page 4: Chapter 1. Page 5 Samsung Electronics shall not be liable for any data loss. Please take care to avoid losing any important data and backup your data to prevent any such data loss.

About the capacity representation of the storage This is because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory or claims it for further use. Page 7: Safety Precautions Since this is commonly applied to Samsung Computers, This increases the risk that a malfunction or some pictures may differ from actual products.

Page 8 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started Warning If the power cord or power outlet makes a noise, disconnect the power cord from the Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may wall outlet and contact a service center.

There is a danger of electric shock or fire hazard. Connect the power cord to the AC adapter firmly. Connect the power cord to an outlet or Otherwise, there is a danger of fire due to an multiple power plug extended cable with incomplete contact. Page 10 Please use an authorized battery and adapter still turned on. If you put the computer into your bag without Unauthorized batteries and adapters may not turning it off, the computer may overheat and meet the proper safety requirements and may there is a danger of fire.

Page 11 AC adapter, There is a danger of an explosion or fire. Page 12 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started Warning Usage Related Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality. Disconnect all cables connected to the computer before cleaning it. Page 13 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started Warning Upgrade Related Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause personal injury and even fatality.

Never disassemble the power supply or AC adapter. Avoid direct sunlight when the computer There is a danger of electric shock. Page 14 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started Warning When carrying the notebook computer with other items, such as the adapter, Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may mouse, books etc, take care not to press cause personal injury and even fatality.

Page 15 This may cause an injury, fire or explosion. When using the computer with it lying on its side, place it so Use only a battery authorized by Samsung Electronics. Failure to do so may cause an explosion. Page 16 This may cause personal injury or loss of data. Authorized Samsung Repair Centers will carry out safety checks after a repair. Using a repaired product without testing it for Do not touch the antenna with electricity facility such as the safety may cause an electric shock or fire.

Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may There is a danger of injury due to an abrupt ejection. Page 18 Never disassemble or repair the product by yourself.

There is a danger of electric shock or fire. To connect a device that is not manufactured or authorized by Samsung Electronics, enquire at your service center before connecting the device.

There is a danger of damaging the product. Page 19 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started Caution Causes that may damage the data of a hard disk drive and the hard disk drive itself. Failure to follow instructions marked with this symbol may cause slight injury or damage to the product. Page 20 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started When using the AC power plug Using the power supply in an airplane Connect the power plug pins perpendicular into the center of the Since the power outlet type differs depending on the type of power outlet.

Page 21 Safety Precautions Chapter 1 Getting Started When using the auto adapter When the cigar socket is provided, you have to use the auto adapter optional.

Insert the cigar plug of the auto adapter into the cigar socket and connect the DC plug of the auto adapter to the power input port of the computer. User Manual are those of the representative model of each 1 Camera Optional series.

This shows the power source and the battery charge status. Green: When the battery is fully charged or the battery is not installed.

The installed drive Optional may differ depending on the model specifications. The internal heat of the computer is emitted through these holes. The latch used to remove or install 2 Battery Latches the battery. When you turn the computer on for the first time, the Windows activation screen appears. Lift the LCD panel up. Follow the activation procedures according to the instructions on the screen to use the computer.

Page 32 Chapter 2. Using Windows 8 What is Microsoft Windows 8? Page Chapter 2. Chapter 2 Using Windows 8 Microsoft Windows 8 hereafter referred to as Windows is an operating system that is required for operating a computer.

Searching To use your computer optimally, you need to know how to use it for Help properly. Refers to the apps that are currently 2 App installed. Click Windows Explorer in the taskbar on the Desktop search for documents and files. Desktop Refers to the Desktop. You can connect to a wireless network. Wireless Select a wireless network to connect Network Adjusting the You can adjust the volume or mute the In a larger sense, it refers to all the software programs installed on the operating system.

Select the Apps in the Start screen. Click All Apps at the bottom of the screen to display all the Apps that are currently installed.

Page Chapter 3. Using the computer Shortcut key functions and procedures are discussed in the following sections. The following mainly describes the shortcut keys.

Shortcut Keys Press both the Fn key and hot key at the same time. Screen Brightness Control Controls the screen brightness. Page 45 Keyboard Chapter 3. Page Touchpad Touchpad Chapter 3. Using the computer Click Function The touchpad provides the same function as a mouse and the left and right buttons of the touchpad plays the role of the left and Place a finger on the touchpad and click on an item once.

Page 47 Touchpad Chapter 3. The corresponding pop-up the version of the function may differ depending on the menu appears. Page 48 Touchpad Chapter 3. If you place your finger on the right edge of the touch pad and drag your finger toward the center, the Charms menu appears. If you place two fingers over the Touchpad and move them up, down, left or right, the screen is scrolled up, down, left or right accordingly.

Page 49 Touchpad Chapter 3. Optional Using the computer Using the multi card slot, you can read and write data to cards. Using the card You can use a card as a removable disk and conveniently exchange data with digital devices such as a digital camera, digital Insert the card into the multi card slot in the indicated camcorder, MP3, etc..

Page 52 Multi Card Slot Chapter 3. Optional Using the computer To remove a memory card The following message appears on the top right. Click to open the folder and click View Files. Take hold of the end of the card and remove the card. To format a memory card When using the memory card for the first time, you must format the card before using it.

Page 53 Multi Card Slot Chapter 3. Using the computer If you connect an external display device such as a monitor, TV, About the connection cable projector, etc. Using the computer Connecting to the monitor port Optional Press the key once to display a window to select the monitor mode.

Select a mode. You can experience a wider screen by connecting the computer to a monitor, TV or projector with a monitor port. PowerXpress is Switchable Graphics technology that selectively Click the Browse button and register the software and click enables either the internal or external graphics chipset depending the Apply button. Using the computer You can adjust the volume using the keyboard and the volume Using the Sound Recorder control program.

The procedures to record sound using the Windows Recorder are described below. Adjusting the Volume using the Keyboard Connect a microphone to the microphone jack. Page 60 Adjusting the Volume Chapter 3. Using the computer Using SoundAlive Optional The SoundAlive function enables you to experience more stereophonic sound using stereo speakers.

Therefore Samsung observes and manages the following Adjust the brightness with the screen brightness control bar. Page 63 Wired Network Chapter 3.

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