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Potential ecsfb issue detected.Potential eCSFB issue detected


Potential ecsfb issue detected.


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Nov 14,  · (1) sometimes the device still looses the network where my OP3 seems connected with very weak signal ( dBm) and LTE Discover reports “Potential eCSFB issue detected” (which sounds odd since eCFSB is a CDMA thing, and there aren’t any CDMA network here in Italy AFAIK: could it be the way LTE Discover tells that the phone is unable to handshake an existing network?), until it . Oct 01,  · It came back and the same issue still exists I mean I guess its a pretty nice $ paper weight. Note: I downloaded the LTE discovery app and noticed when I reset my mobile data it looks like it try to connect to LTE band 66 with full signal but keeps timing out and eventually has a message ‘Potential eCSFB issue detected’. Nov 10,  · eCSFB Gap Issue – What you Need to know: Smart devices require eCSFB to “fall back” to 3G to accept a voice call if the user is connected to the LTE network. All markets need to be upgraded with eCSFB capability. eCSFB Gaps are only in non-incumbent markets where a .


Potential ecsfb issue detected.Potential eCSFB issue detected — Digital Spy

Jan 19,  · Troubleshooting eCSFB. If eCSFB success rate is 0% (with non zero attempts), good possibility is that parameter/neighbor configuration is incorrect or does not match. i.e PN and BTS/Sector id in ECSFB nbr list do not correspond. If eCSFB success rate is low, it could be due to BH/HW/Radio resource shortage at the handin target BTS’s 1X carrier. Nov 10,  · eCSFB Gap Issue – What you Need to know: Smart devices require eCSFB to “fall back” to 3G to accept a voice call if the user is connected to the LTE network. All markets need to be upgraded with eCSFB capability. eCSFB Gaps are only in non-incumbent markets where a . Aug 30,  · Potential eCSFB issue detected. No signal on Three, any clues?

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Even if I’m not connected to an LTE tower it still has this problem. WiWavelength 50 posts. November 6, November 16, Anyone interested in learning more about 1x and CSFB should read the pdf brochure by Qualcomm below that explains the benefits of single radio 4G with CSFB to 1x such as battery life and design device.

November 10, No, you need to back up that assertion with evidence. Your word is not sufficient. Plenty of other posters, who are likely more knowledgeable on the matter than you are, have technical and empirical experience to the contrary. He’s right. I’ve run into this whenever I have been out in the boonies in LTE only mode looking for new 4G towers. It may be peculiar to certain phones, but I know for a demonstrated fact that mine is one of them.

After reading more, I decided to continue my tests and wandered around the house to connect to all the towers around me. Depending on where I am in the house, I can normally mask signals and connect to three 4G towers reliably, and intermittently to three more. The second tower looped back the test text flawlessly and instantly, and by the time I returned to the first, it was working perfectly also. I’m at a loss to explain the first result, but it does demonstrate that it DOES happen, even on an apparently capable tower.

I do not reboot when going into LTE only modes. They’ve never proven necessary. Once there, I disabled wifi, and that tower B25 worked. I walked to the third tower B41 , and that worked, and I returned to my starting point in the basment and the first tower was now working fine for a text loopback on LTE only.

Just because LTE only mode doesn’t always allow you to receive text messages, doesn’t mean you can assume text messages aren’t sent over LTE — they still are. All your test actually proves is that when you ask your phone to not care about calls and texts, your phone really stops caring about calls and texts. That is how the network registers your device to know where you are for calls and texts. That doesn’t follow experience. After the initial “proving” test, I took out out of LTE only, reset the phone to get it back to full functionality, then decided to experiment more midway through the boot process.

Look at my subsequent post. By the time I walked around the house to my second tower, it worked. What doesn’t follow user experience? As far as I can tell from what you have posted, it does follow. This: Which may be a mistaken observation as I cannot reproduce it today despite a long testing session playing with every possible order of action I could think of.

The biggest problem in the back and forth is a lack of desire to be patient and try to understand the context of what everyone is talking about and what their knowledge levels are. People are getting frustrated and aren’t taking measures to mitigate that. In turn, “texts can be sent purely via LTE” doesn’t match up to the experience of those of us that use LTE-only as a tool to help find new towers and filter out interference from 3G towers.

Keep in mind that while some of you may be hardcore on the subject or employed in the field, a lot of those trying to help search, simply want more information on where to expect the best service when they are out and about.

We play with some tools that help with that, but are also trying to learn bits and pieces as we go. We get things wrong because there is a lot of bad information out there and you don’t always know who is right or wrong.

When things don’t add up, you use common sense to try to fill in the gaps. If the high-end self-proclaimed tech masters can’t figure out how to understand the misunderstanding and clarify it in such a way that in can be explained to noobs, how do you expect a noob to be able to articulate what is going on? The educated have a much better grasp of the overall picture and they should bear the heavy lifting if they’re going to take exception with the things that are said.

This post suggested to me that this guy is using LTE-only mode, and like me, didn’t know that it was more than that. Uh, no. Your post is incorrect. Which is what I saw today when I ran my tests. The problem is that, in my limited experience and studies, I have read this article,.

It is just using LTE data happily. However, what if someone calls you? How does it get through the CDMA network to your device? Via CSFB. This happens very fast and seamlessly. Except for the loss of data availability. If you receive a text, the Sprint network is able to route it to your device via LTE. Use some imagination and you can see how someone might be confused into thinking that this is what they are seeing for texts in LTE-only as well.

It looks like it is trying to do an eCSFB fallback. Once they see the parallels, then it’s a short jump of logic to mistakenly equate the two. If someone is trying to learn, help them learn, don’t just stomp on them. Sending them back through the thread isn’t always a good idea either.

Going back and reading the thread is painful, and you don’t always know who is right or wrong. Re-emphasize what is correct and explain why something they claim is wrong.

Ideally with external and reliable references and little tests that can help prove a point. At one point someone said that it was so because it was in the SPEC. I laughed. See how it looks to an outsider? The one that pointed at the spec looked the fool. He was right, but he was wrong at the same time. The spec alone is no guarantee since there is more to it than that. A text is apparently not just a pure “data” transaction like browsing the internet, or using any other number of internet applications capable of a similar thing.

That’s what has been said the entire time. I’m really not sure what that super lengthy post was all about. Going the extra mile for clarity to end the confusion instead of prolonging the agony. It’s obviously not being done as well as it could to this point. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Prev 30 31 32 33 34 35 Next Page 35 of Recommended Posts. GrappleFu 25 Posted October 18, Posted October 18, There could be issues still especially in Ericson markets. Link to post Share on other sites. Replies Created 7 yr Last Reply 6 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 50 39 37 Popular Posts WiWavelength November 6, Posted Images.

EvanA 1, Posted October 18, Have you called Sprint? SturgeonGeneral 1, Posted December 28, Posted December 28, Can anyone explain that? Is there some theoretical “wake-up” or boot-up of idle software?

FM and I don’t mean Frequency Modulation. Posted December 29, While it may be listed in the standard, like volte, it isn’t necessarily implemented -yet. Dkoellerwx 8, Posted December 29, The first text was sent while connected to my home network.

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