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Planetside 2 membership benefits.Planetside 2 memberships


Planetside 2 membership benefits.Premium Membership


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Apr 19,  · % increased experience gain. % increased passive cert point gain. Note: Each of the above start at 25% and increase by 5% per month of sustained membership up to a total bonus of 50% each at 6+ months of membership. Priority login queue. Early . All Access Benefits. EverQuest. EverQuest II. PlanetSide 2 (PC) DC Universe Online (PC) Access to ‘s of Alternate Advancement Abilities. Additional 6 character slots ($60 Value) Full Access to all spell ranks. Maximum amount of Loyalty Rewards. Apr 27,  · The membership nets you roughly certs per month if you log in every day, DBG cash and you get a double EXP weekend every month (last weekend, 3 full days days).


Planetside 2 membership benefits.Is membership worth it? :: PlanetSide 2 General Discussions

All Access Benefits. EverQuest. EverQuest II. PlanetSide 2 (PC) DC Universe Online (PC) Access to ‘s of Alternate Advancement Abilities. Additional 6 character slots ($60 Value) Full Access to all spell ranks. Maximum amount of Loyalty Rewards. Oct 04,  · PlanetSide 2 membership benefits revised due to community feedback Last month, PlanetSide 2 creative director Matthew Higby outlined benefits Author: Omri Petitte. The benefits you get from membership assuming you get a full year’s worth (billed annually) Early member access to shit. 50% exp boost. Monthly (weekend) XP Boost. 50% resource gain. % passive certs. monthly dbc. 10% marketplace discount with dbc. Times you’re playing.
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Log in or Sign up. PlanetSide 2 Forums. Planetside 2 memberships. Sign up for a recurring membership today and become the rampaging warrior titan your mother always dreamed you’d be. Now remember, members are not “better” than everybody else – they just get more stuff and girlfriends. Picked up a years worth on top of 49, station cash from the 3x sale. Consider me a lifetime member. Stellus , Nov 20, Bring membership to paypal and you got a deal. Or maybe by some miracle someone will change that to 0.

Davelantor , Nov 20, Aye , bring subscriptions to paypal, otherwise no deal. Juggernaut , Nov 20, What if i want to sign up for a year.. Do i have to install game card first then buy membership after? Grossalaud , Nov 20, Seriously no Paypal? Daswen , Nov 20, Not subscribing til I see a PayPal option. Don’t like giving my card number out, especially to a company that’s already been hacked. H4YW1R3 , Nov 20, SteelRain13M , Nov 20, Tried a couple of cards and it wouldn’t work.

Now the site won’t even load without some HTTP error site or something. Tried going to Gamestop to get one of those prepaid cards or whatever, but they said it wasn’t showing up on their computers and told us something about all of those cards are deactivated and they’re getting a new shipment.

Can’t seem to get this damn membership. Even after I verify it with them it won’t let me use it. Kizoja , Nov 20, Phoenixia , Nov 20, It’s not an option on the website, but Does the in-game Depot let you buy membership with SC?

I admit it, I made an assumption Every other F2P game I’ve played used the purchased currency for the premium membership. So, thinking I’d be able to use the SC towards premium membership was the major reason I went ahead and bought Alpha. Augustus , Nov 20, Trite , Nov 20, It would have been nice to buy the 6 month sub but after the transaction failed numerous times no error message just Sorry we can’t process your order I had to ticket Support who said that I’ve got 48hr lock out on that payment method due to my bank declining the transaction s even though I never got a confirmation of anything processing.

PapaSmurf , Nov 20, Can’t subscribe either. Opened two tickets already but only canned responses so far. Was looking for the 6 months sub but apparently Sony doesn’t want my money. Cpmartins , Nov 20, I’m kind of shocked that a microtrans game would launch with such a terrible billing system. DO want money, right?

Auniquename , Nov 20, Paypal or no deal. Neo Amon , Nov 20, That fact that people were having CC issues was known since Alpha squad. IS SOE staff that short sighted that they were not able to see this coming?

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