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Msi x370 gaming plus manual.X370 GAMING PLUS


Msi x370 gaming plus manual.MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS Manual


Gaming Mouse.USER MANUAL MSI X Gaming Plus AM4 ATX | Search For Manual Online


Run MSI GAMING APP APP on your android device. ® 5. Press the Remote Control Setting icon on the MSI GAMING APP APP to find the ® paired device Name you set in the Remote Control Setting panel. Page 73 OSD Setting Panel Use the OSD setting panel to specify information within on-screen display (OSD). y Apply Button – applies above settings to OSD. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, and roll out the amazing gaming gear like motherboards, graphics cards, laptops and desktops. Specification X GAMING PLUS | MSI Global – The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation. As a world leading gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted name in gaming and eSports. We stand by our principles of breakthroughs in design, and roll out the amazing gaming gear like motherboards, graphics cards, laptops and desktops.


Msi x370 gaming plus manual.MSI X USER MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

MSI designs and creates Mainboard, AIO, Graphics card, Notebook, Netbook, Tablet PC, Consumer electronics, Communication, Barebone, Server, industrial computing, Multimedia, Clean Machine and Car Infotainment. Support For X GAMING PLUS. REGISTER NOW. Register now for technical support. menu. Products Service Manual Utility. Thank you for buying the MSI® X GAMING PLUS motherboard. Check to make sure your motherboard box contains the following items. If something is missing, contact your dealer as soon as possible. SATA Cable x2 Drivers & Utilities Disc Motherboard User Guide I/O Shield Motherboard SATA Cable Labels SLI Bridge Connector. X GAMING PLUS gaming motherboard supports AMD® RYZEN Series processors for socket AM4, DDR+(OC) Memory and DDR4 Boost gives your DDR4 memory a performance boost, VR ready to provide best VR experience.
MSI X370 User Manual
MSI Global – The Leading Brand in High-end Gaming & Professional Creation

User Manual for MSI X370 Gaming Plus AM4 ATX Motherboard
MSI Z GAMING PLUS MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib

Also See for X Manual – 94 pages. Table Of Contents. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Manual. Table of Contents.

Previous Page. Next Page. Page 3 Right Side View These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Page 6: Fcc Conditions Shield interface cables and AC power cord, if any, must be used in order to comply with the emission limits. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: This device may not cause harmful interference. Page 7: Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Read the safety instructions carefully and thoroughly. Keep this equipment away from humidity and high temperature. Lay this equipment on a stable surface before setting it up.

Always unplug the AC power cord before installing any add-on card or module to the equipment. Page 9 When installing the coaxial cable to the TV Tuner, it is necessary to ensure that the metal shield is reliable connected to protective earthing system of the building. Page 10 Green Product Features Reduced energy consumption during use and stand-by Limited use of substances harmful to the environment and health Easily dismantled and recycled Reduced use of natural resources by encouraging recycling Extended product lifetime through easy upgrades Reduced solid waste production through take-back policy Environmental Policy The product has been designed to enable proper reuse of parts and recycling and should not be thrown away Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

Substitua somente com o mesmo tipo ou equivalente recomendado por o fabricante do seu equipamento. Plahvatusoht, kui aku on valesti paigaldatud. Page Trademarks Trademarks All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners. Page Manual Map Congratulations on becoming an user of this notebook, the finely designed notebook. This brand-new exquisite notebook will give you a delightful and professional experience in using notebook. Unpacking First, unpack the shipping carton and check all items carefully.

If any item contained is damaged or missing, please contact your local dealer immediately. Also, keep the box and packing materials in case you need to ship the unit in the future. Display LCD Type Page Product Overview Product Overview This section provides the description of basic aspects of the notebook.

It will help you to know more about the appearance of this notebook before using it. Please be aware that the notebook shown in this section may vary from the actual one that users purchased. Top-open View The figure of top-open view and description shown below will lead you to browse the main operating area of your notebook.

Page 31 1. Webcam LED indicator, next to the webcam, grows white when webcam function is activated; LED goes out when this function is turned off.

Page 32 Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F5 button repeatedly to switch among various power saving modes provided by ECO Engine, or to turn this function off recurrently. Touchpad This is the pointing device of the notebook. Internal Microphone There is built-in microphone and its function is the same with microphone.

Note: The Bluetooth Function may be optionally supported depending on the model users purchased. Bluetooth optional Warning: For flight safety consideration, make sure this LED indicator goes out when you are in flight.

Page 35 Sleep State: Blinking white when the system is in Sleep state. Glowing white when the system is activated. LED goes out when the system is turned off. Battery Status Glowing white when the battery is being charged. Glowing amber when the battery is in low battery status.

Blinking amber if the battery fails and it is recommended to replace a new battery. Page 37 4. Contact the local dealer for further and correct information and be noted that the supported memory cards may vary without notice.

Audio Port Connectors Make high quality sound blaster with stereo system and Hi-Fi function supported. Page 39 3. Power Connector To connect the AC adapter and supply power for the notebook. Battery Pack This notebook will be powered by the battery pack when the AC adapter is disconnected. Once the button is slid to unlock position, the battery is removable. Page 42 4. Ventilator The ventilator is designed to cool the system.

DO NOT block the ventilator for air circulation. When the AC power is connected, recharging the battery will start immediately. Plug the DC end of the adapter to the notebook, and the male end of the power cord to the electrical outlet. The rechargeable Li-ion battery pack is an internal power source of the notebook.

Be aware of that this battery pack may be damaged if users try to disassemble the battery pack on their own. Page 47 Releasing the Battery Pack It is always recommended to have another battery in reserve for enough power supply.

Please contact your local dealer to buy a battery pack that is compliant to your notebook. To remove the battery pack, following the steps below: 1. Place the battery pack into the battery tray vertically with correct orientation. Page Battery Safety Tips Battery Safety Tips Replacing or handling the battery incorrectly may present a risk of fire or explosion, which could cause serious injury. Only replace the main battery pack with the same or equivalent type of battery.

Please pay attention to the following tips before recharging the battery: If a charged battery pack is not available, save your work and close all running programs and shut down the system or Save-to-Disk. Read the instructions bellow to activate the ECO Engine power saving function: 1. Page 52 Presentation Mode Select this mode while performing presentation applications.

Office Mode Select this mode while dealing with office documentation tasks. Page Power Management In Windows Os Power Management in Windows OS Power management of personal computers PCs and monitors has the poten-tial to save significant amounts of electricity as well as deliver environmental benefits. Follow the instructions below to adjust the power management settings in Windows OS: 1.

Page 54 Turn off the monitor after a period of user inactivity. Utilize the Fn and F12 sleep mode keys to turn into power saving mode. Page Basic Operations Basic Operations If you are a beginner to the notebook, please read the following instructions to assure your own safety, and make yourself comfortable during the operations.

Safety and Comfort Tips The notebook is a portable platform that allows you to work anywhere. However, choosing a good workspace is important if you have to work with your notebook for a long period of time. Keep your hands and feet with optimal comfort. Adjust the angle and position of LCD panel. Sit straight and keep a good posture. Having a Good Work Habit Have a good work habit is important if you have to work with your notebook for long periods of time; This keyboard can be divided into four categories: Typewriter keys, Cursor keys, Numeric keys and Function keys.

Page Typewriter Keys Typewriter Keys In addition to providing the major function of the keyboard, these typewrite keys also provide several keys for special purposes, such as [Ctrl,] [Alt,] and [Esc] key. When the lock keys are pressed, the corresponding LEDs will light up to indicate their status: Num Lock: Press and hold the [Fn] key and press this key to toggle the Num Lock on and off.

Move the cursor left for one space. Move the cursor right for one space. Move the cursor up for one line. Move the cursor down for one line. Page Function Keys Move to the end of the line or document. The Backspace key, [Ins] and [Del] keys at upper right corner are used for editing purpose. Press this key to delete one character to the right of the cursor and move the following text left for one space. Enable or disable the touchpad function.

Decrease the LCD brightness. Increase the LCD brightness. Page 63 Force the computer into sleep state depending on the system configuration. Quick Launch [Fn] Buttons Use the [Fn] buttons on the keyboard to activate the specific applications or tools. With the help of these quick launch buttons, users will be able to do work more efficiently.

Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F4 button to launch the User Defined application. Page 64 Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the F8 button repeatedly to turn the Wireless LAN function on or off recurrently.

Press again to turn it off. Bluetooth optional Page Knowing The Touchpad Knowing the Touchpad The touchpad integrated in your notebook is a pointing device that is compatible with standard mouse, allowing you to control the notebook by pointing the location of the cursor on the screen and making selection with its two buttons.

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