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Line tower wars warcraft 3.Line Tower Wars: Warcraft 3 Map Download – Tower Defense


Line tower wars warcraft 3.


Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Map Download.Tower Wars category map list | Warcraft 3: Reforged – Map database


different Warcraft III Tower Wars maps – Contrary to Tower Defenses, these maps often involve players sending units to one another’s bases to overwhelm their defences. Line Tower Wars: Reforged is a Player vs Player Tower Defense with up to 15 players. Summon creeps and attempt to steal lives from the other players, while building towers to defend yourself from their creeps. The last player alive wins the game! Features: Over towers and 36 creeps to send; each with their own strategy. r/LineTowerWars. Official site for the free to play arcade map: StarCraft 2 – Line Tower Wars. Members. 1. Online. Created Nov 5, Join. Top posts february 24th Top posts of february, Top posts


Line tower wars warcraft 3.Featured map Line Tower Wars: Reforged | Warcraft 3: Reforged – Map database

This Team Line Tower Wars has a mode selection. You can disable air,attacking or both. You can change the income timer and the starting amount of lives. Please enjoy this map and host it as often as you can to make it better.r3/5(3). Map Details for Line Tower Wars Line Tower Wars 45 by Loss05, Nob & Trymio, t3tr1s the Latest Line tower war with theses news: Monsters lvl 3!!!!! – All towers have a new upgrade!!!!! Legion TD Team OZE Pumpkin TD Boss Battle War of Races Island Defense Line Tower Wars: Reforged Helm’s Deep Help center Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Imprint & disclaimer.

Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Guide
Line Tower Wars 45 – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Line Tower Wars 45
▷ Line Tower Wars: Warcraft 3 Map Download [Tower Defense]

The map adjusts itself so you can play alone as red or the with any number of players. Randomized enemies by default, more depth on each tower, more balanced than most TDs and has a hero version for each tower! Protect yourself from few to swarms of enemies. The map is the on surface a tower defense where enemies are moving around in circles and you have to prevent too many from running in the circle.

Mastering the map is a lot harder, mostly due to the randomized enemies and all the passive abilities your towers have. Good luck on dealing with the maps 80 total rounds! There are useful quest found in the middle of the map. They are randomized provide individual rewards whenever you complete a part of them. There are 6 quests and 3 parts for each. If all part X of the quests are completed you will all get valuable team rewards.

Join the maps discord for more info, to give feedback and you can find all versions over there. That includes beta and the newest test versions. Tower Defense TD. This is an official map. The map is updated and suppported by: trollbolt. Join us on discord to get in touch with the map developers. This map is compatible with Warcraft 3: Reforged. This is the latest available map version.

Feel free to rate or report this map. Please help us to improve our contents. Thanks for the report. We will take a look on it! We are unable to verify your download.

This mostly happens due to your network, device or software settings. Please consider the following troubleshooting tips:. Download is not working? Please turn off all AdBlockers in order to make the download work. Please login or register to claim the ownership of maps. Manage your favorite map lists and receive email notifications if a new version was added and Share your favorite lists with your friends or community.

Circle TD Trollforged 2. Last updated. Suggested players. Warcraft 3: Reforged compatible. Official Discord Watch gameplay on youtube. Download 1. Green Circle TD Trollforged 1. Protect yourself from a few to swarms of enemies. Note that the map does have some desync issues.

The map is on surface a tower defence where enemies are moving around in circles and you have to prevent to many running in the circle. Different towers has different role and you will notice it in game. Mastering the map is ALOT harder due to randomized enemies, enemy scaling and because you will probably play til you lose.

There are hero versions of all towers, they are the highest level version of each tower. You can get your first Aura 3 takes a hero slot. There are now minibosses that spawn randomly. They spawn with the ability to increase overrun like normal enemies OR have auras effecting the other enemies.

Show more map versions. Report map. Report – “Circle TD Trollforged 2. Example report reasons Vandalism, sexist or racist content. Map is full of cheats and hacks. Corrupt map file Change request for map information like category. Description Please insert at least 15 characters. Send report. Download – “Circle TD Trollforged 2. Thank you for using our database! Download verification failed We are unable to verify your download. Please consider the following troubleshooting tips: Disable your browser ad blockers.

Disable proxy if you using a proxy. Read the troubleshooting guide. Join us on Discord if the download still doesn’t work. Claim ownership of this map: “Circle TD Trollforged 2. Add map to favorites list. Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies. Allow cookies.

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