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Lighting node pro firmware.Take Control of Your Case Lighting with the LIGHTING NODE PRO


Lighting node pro firmware.MODERATORS


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17 rows · May 11,  · The latest firmware for the Node Pro is I’m not sure why Link would be telling you. So i got the lightning node pro set with 3 fans and the software is telling me that there is a later firmware version available but i can only find the manual and the software for adjusting the fans but they don’t seem to offer a firmware update anywhere. 1 comment. % Upvoted. Apr 07,  · If there’s a firmware update available for the LIGHTING NODE PRO, it will be installed at this time. To add devices to a channel, simply click the ‘+’ button on the channel until you have the desired number of devices on that channel.


Lighting node pro firmware.Lighting Node CORE Firmware – The Corsair User Forums

1 vote and 4 comments so far on Reddit. 4 rows · Jul 16,  · Lighting Node CORE Firmware. Hi, I’ve seen so many great threads on manually up/down grading. Sep 18,  · Cuepix Series Fixture Firmware. elationservice 2/26/ AM. 0 likes. Updated 10/13/ PM. Last Reply By elationservice · First Unread Post. New 0 replies.
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Please take this quick survey to help us improve our forums and community engagement: Survey. Reputation: Lighting Node Pro Firmware. I don’t know where else to post this.. I’ve had my Lighting Node Pro for around 3 weeks now with 3 ML Pro RGB mm fans attached to it , and every so often link will tell me there’s a firmware update available for the node pro, when i click okay nothing happens, the firmware version has remained on 0.

Can anyone tell me what the current version is, and how i get my node pro updated? One potential source of the problem could be that i’m using an internal nzxt usb hub i’ve never had any issues with it til i got the node pro though , this is thanks to Asus in their infinite wisdom of only including one usb 2 header on my motherboard.

I only have 2 devices attached to the usb hub, my node pro, and my Hi Pro liquid cooler. Another issue that could be related, is sometimes when i start link up, my Hi and my node pro fail to show up link is literally empty, with nothing at all, not even sensors show up , a reboot fixes this, and i think it might be related to an ongoing sensor issue that Asus are supposed to be fixing soon in a bios update. Sorry for the long winded message, and thank you for taking the time to read it.

Run like hell, those are alien lemons! The latest firmware for the Node Pro is 0. I’m not sure why Link would be telling you that there is a new version out there; that smells like a bug to me. You would do the firmware update by going to Options But there’s no need to do this. What’s happening is that the hub is failing to initialize due to the AsMedia implementation.

Fortunately, a reboot fixes you right up. This comment is provided “as-is”, without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the sanity or mental fitness of the author. The author is not a Corsair employee, does not represent Corsair, and no comment should be construed as an official statement from Corsair. That’s very strange, i’ll try to remember to get a screenshot the next time it tells me there’s a firmware update for my LNP : If i remember correctly both USB Legacy Support and XHCI Handoff are already enabled in my bios, i’ll take a look the next time i’m rebooting my rig to see where those are at.

I have no idea why Asus thought it was a good idea to give us only one usb 2 header, i think they corrected that in the Crosshair VII Hero though, but i don’t need to upgrade to that board right now. I have another quick question, currently my Hi Pro forgets the performance rpm settings i apply for my pump after i power my rig down, i use the “set current settings as device defaults” option for my pump, and it will remember it if i do a reboot, but it won’t if i shut down my rig, it goes right back to balanced rpm upon power up.

Loading up link once windows loads up puts it back to performance, but the pump doesn’t seem to be storing settings on a shut down. Everything else seems to save to my pump just fine, e. This one here to be exact! Everything works in harmony, perhaps because I don’t have AsMedia chipsets which I have read can be an issue as mentioned by Devbiker. Perhaps you may be able to resolve the firmware update pop up message.

Oh i’m fully aware of the issues surrounding the ASMedia usb chipsets, but i’m not even sure if this is the cause of the issue.. I could try giving link a clean install, but i may wait til i reinstall windows over the next week just an os refresh, not having issues with anything else apart from a sluggish startup.

The pump not remembering the rpm profile i save to it on a shut down is an entirely seperate problem though, a friend with the same cooler and motherboard as me also has the same issue, the pump will keep its profile saved for the rpm on a reboot, but on a shutdown it’s back to rpm balanced instead of rpm performance. The custom colour profiles we’ve both set to our pumps are retained though, it’s just not fully saving the rpm profile. I’ve attached a screenshot of link and my device manager with usb devices expanded anyways.

No, this is a different issue. Can you disable Fast Startup in Windows? Sorry for the late response, been busy with some stuff in my life.

Isn’t turning fast startup off just a bandaid to the issue though? I never had any issues with the performance profile sticking on my Hi V2, even if the machine was off for a few days or so.

I find it strange that performance mode is sticking for reboots, but not shut downs, this would indicate the storage isn’t being written permanently inside the Hi Pro, surely?

Windows Fast Startup isn’t perfect and there are issues with it outside of potential not definite issues with Corsair’s stuff, particularly with respect to device detection and how that interacts with your system’s hardware.

That doesn’t explain why it’s fine with the Hi V2 though.. Turning off fast startup would have a fairly big impact on my startup times, right? Personally, I’ve not noticed a significant difference between having it enabled and not. I boot from NVME. Once i’ve got the pump set to performance, i can perform as many restarts as i like and the speed will stick, but if i do a shut down, i have to wait til link loads before it will be at the rpm i need it at.

It’s not saving to the device, no matter how many times i click the button to save the settings to the device. Like i keep saying, this was never a problem with the Hi V2 on the same system.

I don’t have link enabled on windows startup any more either, i’m having to start it up then close it once the pump profile kicks in. There are strange cpu usage issues that i know have already been posted about so i won’t go into detail.

If for any reason i can’t get into my OS and i have to reinstall it or diagnose something, i’m not going to be able to change the pump speed and this does concern me a little. Wouldn’t mind being told what i’ve done wrong.. I’ve kept my cool, not been flippant or insulting in any way.. I only recently upgraded to the RMx. Now there’s this issue with the Hi Pro and it’s being ignored?? I’m sure i’m allowed to be unhappy about that. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is PM. User Name.

Remember Me? Forum Rules. Support Ticket System. Edit System Specs. Mark Forums Read. Rate Thread. Lighting Node Pro Firmware I don’t know where else to post this..

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