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Lars ulrich guitar hero.Lars Ümlaüt


Lars ulrich guitar hero.Lars Ulrich


Lars Ümlaüt.Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Talks ‘Guitar Hero’ | Music News @


Nov 12,  · Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Talks Worst Album He Ever Made, Names His Guitar Hero. The drummer also discusses best album he ever made, and ted Reading Time: 2 mins. Lars Ulrich (born December 26, , in Gentofte, Sjælland, Denmark) is the drummer and co-founder of the band Metallica. A tennis prodigy in his youth, Ulrich moved to Los Angeles, CA at age 16 to pursue his training, but instead of playing tennis, he ended up as a drummer. After publishing an. Mar 25,  · Lars Ulrich on Failing Guitar Hero and Getting Too Old to Rock By Mike Hoga n March 25, Last Friday, a few hours before Metallica’s “surprise” concert during Austin’s South by Southwest music Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.


Lars ulrich guitar hero.Lars Ulrich | WikiHero | Fandom

Apr 02,  · Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich shares funny memories with a band while they are recording for the Guitar Hero game in Almost 12 years ago, Metallica and Guitar Hero did a collaboration on this game. And, the game developed by Neversoft and published by Activision. On March 29th, , and PlayStation 2, on April 14, , and Australian & European releases in May . Dec 18,  · Lars Ulrich recently spoke about the band’s decision to follow in the footsteps of Aerosmith and release its own version of Guitar Hero in Mar 27,  · NOTE: This video was not uploaded to make fun of Lars in any way. He is my all-time favorite drummer. He made it in the end tough.
Lars Ulrich on Failing Guitar Hero and Getting Too Old to Rock
Lars Ulrich
Lars Ümlaüt | WikiHero | Fandom
Metallica’s Lars Ulrich shares funny memories in Guitar Hero with band

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich shares funny memories in Guitar Hero with band

I was. Michael Hogan: So tell me about Guitar Hero and how this all came about. Is that too broad of a question? We want to do a Guitar Hero game based around Metallica. And what we loved about the Guitar Hero people was that they were all music fans like we were. They were just incredibly passionate, but there were no suits anywhere.

There were no business people anywhere. It just made us feel really comfortable and at ease because it just seemed to be driven purely by creativity, and the whole business side of it, it was never really a relevant factor in any of the decisions that were going on, you know.

So that was really refreshing. Do you ever think about how important video games are for the music business? Do you care about that? Then we can all sit here and talk about how intellectual we are and how cool we can make all this sound. And how there seems to be this very effortless marriage between the two mediums. And I think that the other interesting thing is if you go back five years—and how much time we all spend in the present trying to predict where things are going in the future—five years ago nobody knew what the fuck Guitar Hero was.

We put out Death Magnetic through Guitar Hero when it came out six months ago. I think five years from now or ten years from now every major record that comes out is probably going to have a release in a video game format of some kind.

And seeing my own kids, who are now 10 and seven, how they are becoming so much more passionate about music and about bands that would never show up on their radar had it not been for the medium. But what about the playing side of it.

Do you think that, if there was Guitar Hero when you were a kid do you think you still would have learned to play as well as you do. The what-if questions are not my strength. My oldest plays clarinet, my youngest plays piano. But certainly the area where Guitar Hero has really made a difference is their interest in music. And I would say in the age of growing up with kids that are now seeming to have a shorter and shorter attention span and with more and more possibilities, anything that is a gateway or that helps spark a passion for anything music related, helps bring that onto their radar in any way, I think is something that should be championed.

My problem, of course, is that I play music and play drums mostly by listening to the music. You gotta look. And I fail. I play guitar and bass more with my eyes, but I play the drums more with my ears.

Is there anything about them that you look at and envy about these guys who are coming here, you know, with 50 cents in their pockets and a guitar on their back or van. They get to sleep in. And they get to go out tonight and do all kinds of wild and nutty things that we of course used to do in our youth and thankfully have experienced and could write many books about, but choose not to.

And coming off stage after two hours and not having to be massaged for an hour-and-a-half could also be fun. The physical element, of course, is the big question. Obviously the guys in their 60s that are playing rock—hats off to them. It just might be better to not do it. It still gets me pretty much every day and I love it.

The hardest thing: When I was growing up, my dad was a professional tennis player and when he turned 45 he went into a different age group. Literally, at 45 there was a whole different tour for 45 and overs.

It was a professional tour called the Grand Masters and he went out and played against other year-olds. And I have to try and play to that level every night. And you know what? It may not be far away. I mean, who knows. Or it might get comical. And I just hope that if it gets comical, with an emphasis on embarrassingly comical, that we all have the good fortune to spare everybody, and ourselves, and walk away. And do what a band like Soundgarden did and walk away respectfully at the peak of their career.

So listen, who knows what will happen. I think that we still are in our peak, but those massages post-show, they get longer and longer every year. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Click through to read the transcript.

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