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How to use syncplay.How To Watch Movies Online With Friends?


How to use


How to use Syncplay to watch videos in sync with your remote friends.Syncplay :: blogvb


Apr 06,  · TSB Reviews – SyncplayLearn how to use Syncplay (free app) to watch a movie on your hard drive in sync with another person. – What it does – What. May 22,  · Syncplay does not use video streaming or file sharing, so each user must copy the media to be played. Syncplay does not synchronize player configuration, audio/subtitle track choice, playback rate, volume, or filters. Furthermore, users must manually choose what file to play as Syncplay does not synchronize, which is open. To use Syncplay and synchronize a video on the VLC player on multiple computers, you need to: Run Syncplay. Choose a server and enter the server password (if any). Create a room inside the server and invite other participants to join the room. Syncplay works with VLC, MPC-HC, MVP, and many other media players. But here, I am focusing on the VLC player.


How to use syncplay.How To Watch Movies Online With Friends?

Apr 06,  · TSB Reviews – SyncplayLearn how to use Syncplay (free app) to watch a movie on your hard drive in sync with another person. – What it does – What. Feb 13,  · Syncplay application is free to download and offers easy-to-install, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable Video applications. This application’s primary functions are comprehensive and go beyond the features offered by others that can be considered as its rivals. Apr 30,  · Syncplay is an open-source app that you can use to sync media players like VLC on your computer. That means you can use Syncplay to watch your local files at the same time as your friends, although you need to make sure you each have the same file downloaded to keep everything in sync.
Watch Synchronized Videos With Your Remote Friends Using Syncplay (Linux, macOS, Windows)
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Although the world is slowly opening up during the ongoing pandemic, staying indoors and being socially distant is a safe practice, nonetheless. If you miss the days of binge watching your favorite shows and movies, self-quarantine can quickly become boring and make you feel lonely.

Luckily, there are services that allow you to watch movies online with friends. Here, I shall discuss how to watch shows and movies online with your friends, so that you can continue binge watching together while being physically distant. There are many generic and dedicated services, which allow you to either share your screen, or sync the playback among your friends. I shall be discussing both these scenarios, and the best services you can use for the same.

While the overall method for these is more or less same, there may be slight differences that shall also be outlined here. Metastream is a free group watching service that allows you to host a watch party with a text chat option. This is one of the easiest methods you can try to watch movies online with friends. The service itself takes care of syncing the video and audio, so you can enjoy the movies and shows without worrying about sync issues. However, the service does not support video chat at the moment of writing, so you will have to use other services on this list for the same.

You do not need to create an account to use this free service, but you will need to install the chrome extension to pull media resources. If the show you want to watch is on Facebook Watch, you can also feed the video URL to watch shows together online.

Metastream is one of the best ways to watch shows with friends online. Note that the service recommends using Firefox for Hulu and Netflix, as there are occasional issues with Chrome on these services.

Rest of the services work fine, and the Facebook watch feature is notable, as many other services do not support Facebook streaming. With users not being able to travel to work due to restrictions, teleconferencing applications such as Zoom and Google Meet have become extremely popular among users. There is a hidden feature is these video calling apps, which can allow you to watch movies online with friends. Using this feature, you can share your screen to every user on the call.

Therefore, you can call up your friends, share your screen, and play and watch free movies with your friends. In a direct comparison, Google Meet downright performs better than Zoom. While we cannot speculate on the exact reason for this, you can give both these applications a try and then decide which one works better for you. If you want video chatting feature along with your watch party, TwoSeven is the way to go.

Similar to Metastream, TwoSeven also asks you to install an extension on your browser that is required to pull media resources. The extension also asks for webcam and audio access, which is required for the video chatting feature.

TwoSeven really helps bridge the gap between you and your friends in the times of social distancing, and the video chatting feature is well developed as well. To use TwoSeven, you will need to follow steps similar to Metastream above. Note : You can also share a local file using the personal tab, and your friends will either download the file by streaming it, or select the same file locally.

If you want to watch a downloaded movie instead of watching movies online with friends , you can use Syncplay for this. Syncplay is an open source playback syncing application available for all desktop platforms i. Windows, Linux, and macOS. Note : All the participants need to have the same movie downloaded locally, as you cannot stream your player.

Syncplay basically creates a server room, and syncs all the media players in that room to the same timeframe and metadata. To use Syncplay, follow these steps:. As soon as you play the movie on VLC, the movie will start playing on all the participants in your created room.

This is one of the easiest ways to watch shows with friends online using a custom room. If your friends do not have the movie downloaded, you can simply stream a movie file using one of the most popular media players i. For this, you will need the IP address of the host computer.

Also, we could not figure out how to simultaneously play the video on the host device as well, so if you find out you can leave the method in the comments below. To use VLC to create media server and stream movies, follow these steps:. Note : the destination devices will not have any control over the playback, and you will need to adjust the playback from the host device only.

So, there you have it. Now you know how to watch movies online with friends , and stream movies using VLC with the information provided above. Comment below if you found this useful, and to discuss further the same.

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