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Harvey dent arkham city.Harvey Dent (Arkhamverse)


Harvey dent arkham city.Harvey Dent


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Harvey Dent (a.k.a. Two-Face), is a main villain of Batman – The Telltale Series and former mayor of Gotham City. 1 Personality Harvey Dent Two-Face 2 Relationships Bruce Wayne Selina Kyle/Catwomen 3 Trivia Harvey Dent was shown to want to help and protect Gotham as mayor. If Batman saves him in Episode 2, he becomes paranoid and thinks the Children of Arkham are trying to. Harvey Dent was an opportunistic state attorney overseeing the Arkham Asylum for much of his life until one side of his body was horribly burned, leading him to a life of crime. The night before he was up for reelection, Harvey Dent was working out with a young and not-yet broken down and jagged Jim Gordon. Harvey Dent was the former respected District Attorney of Gotham City, until he became the criminal known as Two-Face and a continuing enemy of Batman but close friend of Bruce Wayne. 1 Biography Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Post-Flashpoint Son of Batman Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Batman: Hush 2 Appearances Films 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Harvey Dent was the judge of.


Harvey dent arkham city.Harvey Dent | Batman: Arkham Wiki | Fandom

For the character the episode is named after, see Harvey Dent. “I want what you want, Jim. I want to make this city a better place.” —Harvey Dent to Jim Gordon “Harvey Dent” is the ninth episode of the first season of Gotham. It aired on November 17th, 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Media 4 Trivia 5 References Trying to close the Wayne murder case, a young Harvey Dent and Gordon team up, . Harvey Dent was the former respected District Attorney of Gotham City, until he became the criminal known as Two-Face and a continuing enemy of Batman but close friend of Bruce Wayne. 1 Biography Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Post-Flashpoint Son of Batman Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Batman: Hush 2 Appearances Films 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Harvey Dent was the judge of. History (Submitted by Oracle) Harvey Dent: – Harvey is the son of Christopher and Laura Dent. Though originally born into the lower-class of Gotham, Harvey would be granted a more luxurious lifestyle when his mother won an election to the Gotham City Council, but this came with its own ‘s father, a perpetual failure who had trouble keeping a steady job, began to.
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Former District Attorney Harvey Dent was once Gotham’s bright future, until half of his face was burnt with acid and his psyche damaged by one of his adversaries. Reborn as Two-Face , a criminal that relies on a coin toss to make his decisions, Harvey is now as dangerous as any man can be.

Two-Face was briefly mentioned by Oracle when Batman voiced his suspicions of the three anonymous tips upon apprehending the Joker , where she mentions that he was unlikely to have been the anonymous tipster as he was still hospitalized from an earlier encounter with Batman. Although Two Face doesn’t appear in Arkham Asylum. His cell can be found in the Penitentiary and after finally defeating the Joker, a call comes in over the police radios that Two-Face is robbing the Second National Bank in Gotham City.

Batman then cuts his conversation with Commissioner Gordon short in order to pursue the criminal. The outcome of this implied confrontation between Batman and Two-Face is unknown, but it would seem that Two-Face would remain at large regardless months later. Several months after the events of Arkham Asylum, Two-Face remained at large in Gotham City, continuing in leading his gang into making several heists.

Batman correctly guessed that Two-Face hired the pair, who earlier that day attacked an armored car on its way to the bank. When Batman finds him, his left leg is broken, right arm is in a sling, and he’s wearing a neckbrace with two hooker’s at his side each representing his two personalities. He explains that following the Joker riots he bought several of the crates of Titan that had floated into Gotham docks saying that “the Coin said it was a good investment”. Upon realizing what they had they began training extensively in hand to hand combat and experimenting with Titan in small doses thereby retaining control of themselves in Titan form.

It wasn’t long before they made their experiments known, slaughtering Two-Face’s gang and nearly killing the man himself.

However, Batman stops the duo, but not before they initiate a suicide attack that would completely destroy the newly rebuilt City Hall and kill more than three hundred people. Arkham City was to be an entire walled off section of Gotham where every criminal and inmate of Blackgate and Arkham would be thrown into with no rules or regulations except for no attempts of escape.

As the prison is built, almost every single criminal in Gotham, along with scores of innocent people, are arrested and thrown into the hellish domain to survive with little to no food, medical attention, and clothing and shelter.

Eventually, Strange would shut down all criminal operations throughout Gotham, forces many criminals and innocent civilians to flee the city, and capture every one of his targets except for three; Two-Face, Catwoman , and Batman. Two-Face, desiring to become the ruling elite on Gotham’s streets, gives a tip to Professor Strange on where Selina Kyle resides.

Using this information, Strange locates one of Selina Kyle’s apartments where she was currently residing. Attacking the apartment, TYGER operatives were unable to capture Catwoman, but were able to locate her safe, full of stolen loot and goods.

Under Strange’s orders, the guards took the loot and goods to the Arkham City Confiscated Goods Vault, hoping that this would draw out Catwoman to be captured. True to Strange’s prediction, Catwoman would set her sights on Arkham Island to obtain the blueprints for Arkham City that would allow her to locate the perfect entry level into the vault. Unfortunately for Selina, Dent and his gang had the same idea and attacked the facility first, but Strange saw this as the perfect opportunity to capture the last two criminals on Gotham’s streets.

Batman, however intervenes and saves Catwoman just as she steals Dent’s camera and Dent is arrested. Before Batman can get Selina to safety, the feline learns that Two-Face had removed the SD card from the camera and looks down to see him swallowing it. Infuriated, Catwoman breaks free of Batman’s hold to attack Dent, only to be arrested as well, while Batman escapes the facility knowing that there is nothing further he can do.

While Strange is satisfied with Dent and Selina’s capture, he is nonetheless disappointed that Batman has escaped him yet again. Upon his incarceration to the prison, Two-Face became a rising gang leader in the war for Arkham City, and immediately took over the Solomon Wayne Courthouse in Park Row as his base of operations, and locked Calendar Man in a cell beneath the courthouse.

To gain power and respect in Arkham, Dent kidnapped the Joker and prepared for a “trial” to be held against Joker, who he blamed to be the entire reason there ever was an Arkham City. After Joker was proclaimed guilty and sentenced to death, Batman arrived and the entire court turned to chaos, allowing Joker and Quinn to escape with their gang, and Batman to slip away from the fight, where he met with Catwoman on the rooftops of Park Row.

Psychological Profile: A bizarre schizotypal, Dent shows intense ideation focused on the concept of dualism. This arises out of his unique facial disfigurement half of his face has been scarred by acid as shown by its emergence concurrent with the incident that scarred him. He has no prior history of psychopathic behavior, but since his disfigurement he has continually created situations based on positive and negative outcomes with chance as the deciding factor.

Dent’s ideation around dualism extends to his clothing, his environments, and the central toke of his psychological make-up, his half-scarred silver dollar. He becomes catatonic if it is removed from him. Perhaps I should be unsurprised that only half of our treatment sessions are productive. The other half are characterized by endless, pointless word games revolving around chance and fate.

The capture of Two-Face brought an end to his reign of violence and terror on the streets of Gotham. Since his incarceration in Arkham City, he has used his persuasive influence to quickly rise to the top of the food chain. Two-Face is obsessed with duality, and determined to recruit half the population of Arkham City in preparation for a bloody war against the other gangs within Arkham City.

But his strategy starts and ends with a flip of his coin, adding an element of randomness to his every move. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Fan Feed. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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