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Fallout 4 ocean


Fallout 4 ocean map.Someone spent days mapping Fallout 4’s ocean floor – here’s what they found


What to Do Once in the Fallout 4 Submarine Quest.Atlantic Ocean | Fallout Wiki | Fandom


Ocean may refer to: The Pacific Ocean, a massive body of water on the western coast of the United States in Fallout and Fallout 2. The Atlantic Ocean, a massive body of water on the eastern coast of the United States in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout and Fallout 4. A interactive map featuring all major collectables, pick ups, and locations for Fallout 4. Bobbleheads, Fusion cores, Power Armor and more. Please note this map is still a work in progress. Dec 14,  · Someone spent days mapping Fallout 4’s ocean floor – here’s what they found. By Joe Skrebels 14 December Comments; Prev Page 1 of 5 Next Prev Page 1 of 5 Next.


Fallout 4 ocean map.Where to Find the Yangtze Submarine Fallout 4 | GameCMD

Jan 25,  · Fallout games are fairly notorious for filling their maps with a bunch of clever locations, Easter eggs, and hidden surprises. While everyone has their own preferences, a collective favorite in Fallout 4 is the Rocket Shed.. Northeast of Relay Tower 0BB is . Dec 15,  · Fallout 4 Map Reveals Every Underwater Treasure One aquatically-inclined Fallout 4 fan explores the briny deeps in Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG, revealing all of the game’s underwater Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Interactive map of Commonwealth for Fallout 4 with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content.
Atlantic Ocean
Fallout 4 Map – Far Harbor – IGN
Where to Find the Yangtze Submarine Fallout 4
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Someone spent days mapping Fallout 4’s ocean floor – here’s what they found | GamesRadar+

Between its Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises, Bethesda has become a gamer favorite for expansive, open worlds that feel filled to the brim. Not only are they chock full of exciting missions that are both light-hearted and serious, but they also have endless clever and impressive details.

After all, who doesn’t love finding a visual representation of Poe’s ending to A Casque of Amantillado hidden in the walls of The Castle? These kinds of details are well done, clever, and keep fans wanting more. Their most recent Fallout hit was Fallout 4 , it’s largest game thus far ignoring Fallout 76 , a critical flop.

Fans played as the Sole Survivor, a pre-war human who ends up in the wasteland version of Boston trying to find their son. This adventure takes the player across the map, as they run into quite a few familiar faces, historical and pop cultural references, and big baddies. However, most of the time, fans don’t get to see some of the best, most fascinating, or creepiest places.

Or worse, they miss out on some great loot. With a world so large, not every cool placed ends up markable on the map. Some of them can only be found by the most daring, dedicated Fallout explorers. While all players want to find the best stuff, only the best of the best have found themselves exploring all of these great hidden locations. Fallout 4 can be quite the rabbit hole, and only becomes more exciting the more players explore. The Old Gullet Sinkhole, technically, is a marked location on the map.

However, a player can get the location just by standing above the sinkhole in full view of its passive deathclaw. Only the true daredevils jump down into the unknown gullet.

Once the Sole Survivor is in the sinkhole, they’ll face a lot of corpses and a small pack of feral ghouls, assuming they don’t provoke the deathclaw. Following the path into the gullet will lead to a house just west of the sinkhole. It’s the house of a notorious sleepwalker, so the gullet path is the only way to reach the unique find without a jetpack. Fallout games are fairly notorious for filling their maps with a bunch of clever locations, Easter eggs, and hidden surprises.

While everyone has their own preferences, a collective favorite in Fallout 4 is the Rocket Shed. Northeast of Relay Tower 0BB is an unassuming shed at the edge of a cliff.

However, when a player enters it, they will find a balcony with launchers aimed all over the Commonwelath and a horde of rockets. Someone apparently made a secret little explosive station looming over their world, ready to blown up half the map at a moment’s notice. How ominous. It’s getting past the front desk to the alleys that is the real issue. After all, if you walk past that front area, all of the Mr. Handys in the vicinity will start attacking. Players will either have to beat them all or persuade the desk bot, Tenpin, that you’re the owner and to let you look around.

Also, if you’re bored with adventuring you can always kick back and bowl. It’s a great place to get into if the Sole Survivor is strong or charismatic enough.

The General Atomics Galleria itself isn’t hidden. It’s a marked spot on the map and even has a missions connected to it. However, the interesting thing about it is what a player does with it. When the Galleria was meant to open, The Director the lead Mr. Handy decimated the man who was supposed to lead and took over. Because no one was there to help them function, a lot of bots got triggered by certain statements to attack.

With the right dialogue choices and by taking over the Galleria from The Director, players can reopen the Galleria. This includes making the shops and Hr. Handys function. However, not just anyone can pull that off. By far one of the most famous hidden locations in Fallout 4 is Carhenge.

Not only is it a fantastic, impressive, fun structure, but also a super mutant behemoth also lurks nearby. It’s a stunning video game secret and a challenge for any Fallout monster hunter.

Carhenge can be found directly south of Walden Pond. Also, a second Carhenge has been placed in Fallout 76 , as well. Perhaps a strong, artistic wanderer is building them all over post-apocalyptic America. Either way, this location is only the beginning for anyone who wants to delve deep into the hidden areas and secrets of the Fallout universe. Though the secret Crazy Cat Cabin is the haven for domesticated cats in the Commonwealth, they do have an owner. For Fallout fans who love cats, this news can be pretty disappointing since you can’t pretend that those kitties are yours.

However, luckily for Fallout feline friends, that cabin is not the only place to find cats. One of the coolest place to find a claim a house cat is a pastry shop in North End, called Mean Pastries. This place is unmarked and completely abandoned, save for an expert safe and one little cat. Between Old North Church and Cabot House, it’s the perfect place to pretend to claim the cutest, loneliest feline.

The Fens is a particularly interesting part of Fallout 4 , as it houses the game’s first biggest settlement, Diamond City. While Diamond City becomes the Sole Survivor’s first real home away from home, the area surrounding it can be less than friendly.

It’s full of super mutants, raiders, bandits, and other enemies. One specific spot of interest, and one that is unmarked on the map, is the Founder’s Triangle. Most players passing through will probably be distracted by the raiders and turrets spanning the little corner. However, when they aren’t trying to blow you up, you can discover an interesting landmark: a monument in the center of the annexing triangle.

Initially, the best part of Shenley’s Oyster Bar is its sign. Other than some dangerous raiders, it seems like that’s all it has to offer. It might seem quite disappointing for an unmarked location. Though it seems lackluster at first glance, Shenley’s Oyster Bar’s real value can be found on its top floor. There, a player can find a skeleton handcuffed to a severed hand with a saw nearby. Instead of trying to break the cuffs, someone sawed through another person’s arm.

This is a grotesque yet clever reference to the Saw movies and is a fun surprise to find in a location that most people wouldn’t check out. When it comes to a post-apocolyptic world, even cute, happy things can be creepy. For example, the Lil’ Gentry Playground. This is an unmarked location in Beacon Hill, west of the Boston Bugle.

It’s an abandoned place where children used to play. However, don’t let the cute spaceship playset deceive you. While the playground does look nostalgic and old, it also has workbenches for power armor and weapons nearby. Why shouldn’t kids learn to be imaginative and learn about weapon mechanics at the same time? For any fan who knows the Fallout universe well, it’s a location that reminds players about just how wacky the world was before the war, too.

With all of the rivers in the Boston area, of course there are some unique things to find by the water. One of the most interesting locations is the Vitale Pumphouse. In the first room, the walls will give players the code to enter the second, locked room.

However, there’s a trick to the lock that player must figure out. Any fascinated Fallout fan can look it up or try to find it on their own. Once players get past the locked door, they will find The Gainer, a unique. Not every trader is a friendly local in a little town or village. Sometimes, players can find traders selling things in the strangest places.

One such trader is Leonard Moore, the entrepreneur of the Shanty Store. Due south of the Coastal Cottage, the Shanty Store is an unmarked location in the middle of nowhere. Though Leonard is a fascinating character, he’s also a bit strange.

After all, his only friend is Jangles the moon monkey. Otherwise, Leonard acts like an average traveling merchant — except, of course, for the fact he never travels. Any avid Fallout fan should jump at the chance to meet this kooky trader. The Hoarder’s Apartment can be pretty hard to get to. Players must scale ramps outside of Pickman Gallery and traverse across the rooftops, heading in the direction of Cabot House. Among the highest Boston roofs, there will be a small apartment with a patio double its size.

Inside, fans will discover exactly why this location is called Hoarder’s Apartment. Through the dimly lit rooms, which are only lit by glowing mushrooms, players will come across stacks upon stacks of useless junk. While the apartment has little to offer when it comes to loot only a lunchbox and an audio tape , it’s an eerie place that all players should visit. The Prost Bar is part of several missions, one of which involves a girl in danger, while another involves finding a different girl.

It’s a dark, dank bar and its main customers are skeletons. Though the location is unmarked, it can be found if players travel west from the gazebo in Swan’s Pond. What makes the bar interesting, though, requires some ’80s TV knowledge and a keen eye.

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