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Dune hd smart d1.WHY DUNE HD


Dune hd smart d1.Review: Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player


DUNE HD Interface, Movies catalog, My Collection, mobile app and more.Review: Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player —


Unique features of Realtek models. • Dolby Vision, HDR10+, YouTube 4K HDR (in the latest models on the newest RTD) • Blu-ray 4K Menu (best-in-class Blu-ray menu implementation, with full seamless branching support) • HD audio, 3D video. • Convenient Dune HD UI, with full Movie Catalogue and Automated Movie Collection. Dune HD Smart D1 P Media Player. Read more. 6 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. prefetch. out of 5 stars if you love media box hacking, it’s for you, otherwise it kind of sucks. Reviewed in the United States on July 31, Verified Purchase. awful documentation. feels like this product has been abandoned by the /5(13). Dune HD Smart D1 is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (p) video playback. This media player is compact, features a built-in info display, and the possibility to install a ’’ SATA HDD inside the case.


Dune hd smart d1.Dune HD Media Player – Dune HD Smart D1 | Dune HD

Dune HD Smart D1 P Media Player. Read more. 6 people found this helpful. Helpful. Report abuse. prefetch. out of 5 stars if you love media box hacking, it’s for you, otherwise it kind of sucks. Reviewed in the United States on July 31, Verified Purchase. awful documentation. feels like this product has been abandoned by the /5(13). Unique features of Realtek models. • Dolby Vision, HDR10+, YouTube 4K HDR (in the latest models on the newest RTD) • Blu-ray 4K Menu (best-in-class Blu-ray menu implementation, with full seamless branching support) • HD audio, 3D video. • Convenient Dune HD UI, with full Movie Catalogue and Automated Movie Collection. Dune HD Smart D1 Version “__r11″(BETA version).

Dune HD Smart D1
Dune Firmware Zone / Dune HD Smart D1

The player has been rock solid in my setup, and with the addition of third party jukeboxes such as Zappiti it has provided an experience in certain respects equal to an HTPC. Thanks to Mike Duneplayer. As such this will be a slightly shortened version of my usual review. Looking at the front of the D1 much of the area is taken up by an LCD screen.

The Smart D1 is about 2. With the case removed you can see the tray for an internal drive as well as the Sata connector. Also, you can see that there is no case fan, so the D1 will operate silent. If you remove the HDD tray you can get a better view of the board.

In the center of the board is a USB input. If you plan on using system storage which I highly recommend, it is needed to add shortcuts to the Main menu as well as BD Live this is a convenient area to attach a USB thumb drive.

A simple set it and forget it. As long as the thumb drive does not have any excess bulk it should fit without issue. Overall the Dune Smart D1 is a solidly built machine. It may be a little deeper then some would like but otherwise has a very small footprint. At no point did I notice any sort of heating issues. Although not horrible the UI is still very basic, with a windows explorer type experience while navigating through your media. This is hopefully an area that HDI addresses as more and more media players in the market are getting away from the boring stock UI that we have become accustomed to.

Simply allowing the Dune to boot directly into a 3rd party jukebox would at least provide a quick and effective solution. One thing I noticed is that on a few occasions the D1 became unresponsive for a short period of time. I used the D1 yesterday to watch a movie as well as test some files and not once did I encounter any issues, so I will have to keep a close eye on to see if it was possibly a one off experience.

As with the BD Prime testing out network performance over smb you can see how I set up here , I did not have any issues playing back all my high bitrate content on the Smart D1.

I did have Fast SMB enabled and I believe it is recommended that all users who play content over the network enable this feature in the settings. I decided to test playback using the latest Dune IP beta firmware , which can be found here.

Here is a description of what I tested and the results:. I must admit I am disappointed that mkv chapter support has still not been addressed, as this should be a very basic feature to implement and one that many other players on the market supports. That combined with support for forced subtitles in mkvs which slowly players are starting to support would provide a complete solution for the many mkv users out their.

Overall once again the Smart D1 hit a home run playing back my various test files. When it comes to online content there is currently very little offered.

I noticed a new icon showed up recently on the Main Menu called Kartina. I am not a big online content person but as more and more players add support for online content I believe this is something HDI will need to address to make the Dune players a more complete player.

This is the area for me that is real important as the stock UI of the Dune is lacking in so many areas. One thing I like about a 3rd party jukebox is the ability to centrally manage the jukebox. Some players such as the Boxee Box you would manage the jukebox from the player itself. When having multiple players this could add extra work as you need too manage each player individually.

With Zappiti or the other 3rd party jukeboxes I can simply manage the jukebox from my PC and know that both the BD Prime and Smart D1 will be updated and in sync this also comes in handy since a majority of the time I am updating Zappiti remotely. For more information on Zappiti see my guide here. I also hope to take a closer look at yaDIS 2. From a hardware standpoint it is very well constructed, fanless, and quiet.

Undoubtedly when it comes to local video playback, the Smart D1 not only does it but it does it well, and I would argue for local video content the Dune is amongst the best out there. Like many of the other media players out there music and photos is a weak spot, and if that is an important area then I would recommend looking elsewhere.

With the expanded lineup across a variety of price ranges this should as well open up the Dune to a wider consumer base. The challenge that will present the Dune players is how they evolve in the coming year s. Online content such as Netflix is becoming more important emphasis on the U.

S market , and if more media players continue to add online content Dune runs the risk of being left behind. There is also Cinavia looming and the question of how it will impact the current and future Dune players more on Cinavia and the potential impact shortly. A simple solution for the bland stock UI would be to more tightly integrate the 3rd party jukeboxes into the UI the easiest way would be to allow the user to have the Dune load directly into the jukebox of their choice.

Continued work should be focused on forging online content partnerships, enhancing the stock UI, and bringing new features to their players such as source direct, mkv chapter support, and mkv forced subtitle support to name a few.

For my setup my top priority is flawless playback of my local content in particular HD content with an emphasis on Audio and Picture Quality, and the Smart D1 does not disappoint. I should also mention that for owners of the Smart series there will be an option to upgrade to the next Sigma chip once available. It is unclear though exactly what the cost will be associated with the upgrade, so for now we will just have to sit tight and await further details.

Hi, my name is Damian, and I’m tech gadget addict! Although I always had some interest in technology, it wasn’t until I got my EX and more importantly found Mediasmartserver. When I am not writing for Mediasmartserver. I could never bring myself to buy a product without MKV Chap support. Sad really. Seems a small fix to me, but then again. What do I know. As I mentioned I am really surprised this has not been addressed as mkv chapters file is nothing more then a simple txt file.

Navigating around mkvs with the directional keys is actually very easy to do but having proper mkv chapter support should be a given. Nice writeup, Damien. I have the same two boxes at home, the BD Prime and the D1. No problems with either of them, other than an occasional audio dropout momentary. With regard to the USB drive, do you know if I can move my USB drive from the back panel connector to the internal connector without having to reinitialize, or would I have to run through the setup again?

You can move without issue. Thanks for the great review Damian! You may want to contact who you purchased your B1 from and ask them about this. If not then HDI should preinstall a thumb drive in.

Products like the WD live plus may be easier to live with and have better WAF or dare i say it a boxee?! The Dune players are undoubtedly focused towards people with large local video content. For me that is all I care about, I want whatever media player I use to support flawless playback of my video content and give me the best PQ, and that is where the Dunes excel including full support for HD Audio and stereo downmix.

So really based on your requirements would help determine what the best player is. Undoubtedly though this will be the biggest challenge in the future for Dune, bringing to the market a more well rounded player as the other competitors in the marketplace move in that direction. Since for my wife as well the only time she uses a media player is to play back our local content i.

For music we use Sonos so that is a non issue. I still have the Boxee Box but currently I would not have my wife use it. I agree, we are all looking for the perfect streamer. Although the HTPC does it all, it is by far not the most family friendly as you noted as well. I think we may get there sooner then later. Boxee Box is definitely a step in the right direction, and as long as they stay committed and have the capital I expect the platform to only grow and mature.

BUT… it also comes with the U3 Software which is for security. To be honest I am not sure. No problem, any other questions you know where to find me. My thoughts were to use the usb for system storage and as far as i undertstand zappiti storage. And use the SSD for some locally stored content. I also have a Sygnology running for the majority of my content. But, reading some more about the USB part… do you know if it can and needs to handle more than 4gb? You are correct that the USB drive will need to have two partitions, one for system storage and one for your data storage i.

I actually had preordered the NeoTV via amazon but actually just canceled a few days ago. I have read mixed reactions so far. The handful of people I know who got the NeoTV actually returned as they were unhappy with. Also, from what I am hearing any bad talk about the NeoTV on the Netgear forums gets blasted by members there… The biggest concern right now with the NeoTV is supposedly Netgear plans on implementing Cinavia on the device i.

Thanks Damian, I guess this pretty much explains the limited interest in the product. MS killing Drive Extender anyone? Hi damian. I think the beta fw had a bug where if you played back DVDs ripped or disc the audio would stutter.

This issue was fixed with the IP firmware. It appears there is one bug with the IP firmware where if you have PGS subtitles in mkvs it craps out it is a little confusing though as the IP fw I have does not have this bug but the newer IP fw does. None of these issues may affect you though. From when I looked at the LCD screen it basically just shows a runtime, not a navigating lcd screen.

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