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Drift innovation hd 170.Drift HD170 Stealth camera review


Drift innovation hd 170.Drift HD 170 Video Camera


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Firmware and User Manuals for older Drift cameras. headerDescriptionSplit productImageSplit HD Ghost Version (10/07/) Drift HD Version (17/07/) Drift HD Version (21/06/) Older Models HD Stealth, HD, X firmwareProductsSplit HD Ghost Manual, Tech Specs & Quick Gui. Drift believes in the freedom to film. We create pioneering cameras accessible to everyone – not just the daredevils – so anyone can share what makes them great. Whether you’re an artist, musician, gamer, chef, or fashionista no matter what moves you, you can capture it best with Drift. The Drift HD Stealth shoots professional quality HD video with features such as 4x zoom, night mode for optimal performance in low light conditions, degree field of view to capture your peripheral vision, and the option to shoot buttery smooth slow motion video in 60 frames per second/5().


Drift innovation hd 170.Older Models – Drift Innovation

Firmware and User Manuals for older Drift cameras. headerDescriptionSplit productImageSplit HD Ghost Version (10/07/) Drift HD Version (17/07/) Drift HD Version (21/06/) Older Models HD Stealth, HD, X firmwareProductsSplit HD Ghost Manual, Tech Specs & Quick Gui. The Drift HD Stealth shoots professional quality HD video with features such as 4x zoom, night mode for optimal performance in low light conditions, degree field of view to capture your peripheral vision, and the option to shoot buttery smooth slow motion video in 60 frames per second/5(). May 30,  · The latest action sports video camera to hit our desks is this HD version of the Stealth from Drift Innovation, which records full HD p footage straight to a /5.

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Drift | No matter what moves you, capture it best with Drift – Drift Innovation

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The new Drift HD offers very good quality p HD video and a rugged form factor designed for outdoor use. Fortunately, very little has changed in the excellent Drift software and hardware, which makes the task of writing this review of the HD version a lot easier!

Just about everything that was written about the X is valid for the HD , including all of the comments about form and function, so please refer to that review and the included videos for comparison with the HD Both cameras use the same soft-touch, semi-ruggedized body, which measures mm long by 50 mm thick by 33 mm wide and weighs grams with the battery, a 4GB SD card and half of the helmet mount adapter attached to the bottom.

Otherwise, everything in the HD version appears to be identical to the original X, although we no longer have the X here for direct comparison. Also, the Drift HD form factor is specifically designed for outdoor use; i. It can certainly take more abuse than non-ruggedized digicams, which basically put their tail between its legs and go whimpering home at the first sign of water or vibration.

The Panasonic has a form factor more like the GoPro HD than the long and narrow Drift HD , and the Drift is nicely suited for mounting on top of a helmet, while the Panasonic is not. One of the best features of the Drift video cameras including the X and the HD is their ease of use. The menu system is very intuitive; one quick push on the rubberized membrane button turns the camera on and another push starts the video recording.

This is a huge difference from the cumbersome and unintuitive menu system on the GoPro HD camera. The Drift HD , like the X, comes with a simple fold-out sheet with the instructions in 6 languages. The current GoPro does not have a live view, and this is a big difference — and a definite plus for the Drift HD I discovered a bit of a trick in setting up the Drift HD on the helmet or bike.

Make sure the camera is correctly oriented by looking at the LCD screen before starting the video recording. Rotate the lens to align the scene so it is in landscape mode with the top of the scene towards the print and the bottom towards the bottom of the camera. This is where the live view really helps, because after you think you have the camera aligned correctly, get on the bike and take a quick second video, then pull the camera out of the mount and play back the video on the live view screen to make sure it is oriented the way it should be in the LCD.

By the way, the Drift HD package also includes the super-handy remote control found in the X The HD includes the same selection of mounting accessories that are included the X There simply is no universal helmet mount that will work on all types of helmets, one of the problems with video cameras.

Each format has different issues for mounting, so until we get a high-quality HD video camera in a thimble-sided case, those differences will remain. The Drift HD has a wide-angle lens degrees in p and degrees in p that rotates through degrees, enough to align the lens at any angle in which the camera body is mounted.

The HD had to be mounted much farther back and pointing much higher on top of the helmet than I originally thought, due to the wide angle lens. It works well due to the light weight and streamlined shape of the Drift camera. The video below is in a few parts; the first part was taken with the camera on the helmet, while the second part has the camera mounted on the side of the bike. The only issue that the Drift HD takes a relatively long time to adjust the exposure when going from deep shadows to bright light and back again.

You can see in the video below that when I ride from the shadows into the bright sunlight, just about every light-colored highlight gets blown out for a couple of seconds until the camera adjusts. This is especially apparent near the beginning of the video, when going from the shady road to the red barn that is featured in all of our video samples.

If you were taking video in snow or twilight, the exposure compensation settings might come in handy. Other than the exposure, the camera has no manual adjustments or overrides for shutter speed, frame rate or white balance. The videos are saved in. The files can be easily moved from the SD card by pulling the SD card out of the camera and plugging it into a reader or by attaching a USB cable to the camera.

Buy the largest and fastest SD card you can find. The 4GB card I used became filled during one ride as I took a dozen videos or so; it will hold about an hour of video tops. We were able to import the. However, Premiere Elements only saves H. The actual p video is pretty good — crisp, clear, sharp, albeit with the exposure issues mentioned above and, surprisingly, the post-processed video looks better than the original raw video when played in the DivX Player.

We left the sound exactly as recorded; there is wind noise with the camera mounted on top of the helmet due to the air coming over the helmet, but the sound recorded with the camera mounted via the suction cup is better. The microphone is covered on the camera and it even has a covered speaker, again a bonus feature compared to the GoPro. I also recorded the video on some of the same roads used in previous webBikeWorld reviews of motorcycle video cameras so you can compare the differences.

The Drift HD is claimed water resistant to 1 m, probably enough for any motorcycle rain storms encountered. The large fisheye-type lens is unprotected, so be careful and try not to touch it or scrape it against anything. The li-ion battery seems to have a very short life; it was half gone after taking about 40 minutes of video. The photo has been resized to pixels but is otherwise unretouched.

The live view, hidden microphone and speaker and the remote control are a real bonus. Note: Item provided by a retailer, distributor or manufacturer with these Terms and Conditions. I had a GoPro sitting in my cart for months on Amazon, waiting for the price to come down, but decided on the Drift after reading this review and considering the price differential.

I love it — mostly. The positives far outweigh the negatives, but I do wish I had considered the negatives before forking over the dough, since I probably would have waited for the industry to fix what I think are ridiculously obvious oversights in design. The resulting videos from the Drift are superb — but you nailed it on the over-exposure note — the default setting was far too over-exposed on my first long test; a ride on a bright, sunny day on Bear Notch Road in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

In and out of the shade caused several instances of seconds-long washouts while the camera adjusted to the changing light. Take it from in the North to the Kancamagus Highway, another vista-filled ride in the South. I had no problem at all mounting the camera to my Shark RSi helmet review — I mounted it on the right side, since mounting on the top would have blocked the vent.

I move the files locally onto the computer before importing them into iMovie or FinalCut, since that allows me to get the card back into the camera sooner — importing GB of video can seemingly take forever, even on a fast machine. Based on the endorsements of two riders who post well-regarded POV videos on YouTube halfthrottle and yewtube, check out their stuff — some of it is fantastic! Did they really think that exposing the lens to the many things that come flying at us during an average ride on the slabs was a good idea?

Much less the junk that this camera would be exposed to on the helmet of an enduro rider! Take a look at your face shield after a few hours on the road — you want all that crap hitting your camera lens? Would I buy it again?

But, I am considering a second camera, and perhaps a third, to capture multiple angles of the same ride, and am uncertain whether to go with another Drift, or to give one of the competitors a try, like the Contour GPS.

I have bought the extra capacity battery, and an AC charger, because I do not plan on carrying my computer along when traveling for USB charging who does? But I will have to go through the hassle of setting the date and time every night. There is no way to set sequencing file numbering. When you empty the SD card, the camera will start over numbering the files at File I mean, photo camera companies have learned how to deal with these two simple problems many years ago.

Give me a break. Regarding the file numbering, I create a folder on the computer, give it a folder name, then drag the videos from the SD card to the folder.

They have also developed a waterproof clear case, which will protect the front lens as a side benefit. So, my complaints were not totally excessive after all. I have had nothing but problems and the video is fair at best. The video will go bright yellow in the middle of recording.

I appreciate the video of both helmet mounted and suction cup mounted. As you probably well know HD riders have an aversion to the safer helmets you metric riders use our egos get in the way of our own best interest. I did an 11, mile, six week coast to coast ride last year. Even came face to face with Buffalo while waiting in line for the tourist to take 1, pics of the same buffalo.

NONE of the video came out to very good quality. Again, thanks for the review. I am looking forward to using my new Drift HD I just hope the suction mount works on the faring and I can record some excellent riding videos. Living in North Carolina and so close to excellent riding I can have a lot of fun with it.

If this is socket is not present they can hard-wire a mini USB cable to the the battery. They would need to know what they are doing for this option! Sign Up Today Get all the best motorcycle news, reviews and deals delivered to your inbox weekly. Oh — and there is one other difference: the price. Very easy and very handy when riding a motorcycle. Drift HD mounted on Icon Variant review in process. Note sun shade peak interferes with mounting.

Drift HD on Nolan N90 review in process. Note top vents interfere with mounting. Drift HD temporary mounts to determine best position R. Color: Black and orange. Note: For informational use only. All rights reserved. Product specifications, features and details may change or differ from our descriptions. Always check before purchasing. Read the Terms and Conditions! Please send comments to [email protected]. Comments are ordered from most recent to oldest.

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