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Dragon age origins character creations.Dragon Age: Origins/Character creation


Dragon age origins character creations.New to DAO, character creation tips?


Navigation menu.Dragon Age: Origins – Class/Character Build Guide – PC – By KerathArcwind – GameFAQs


For Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled “New to DAO, character creation tips?”.Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. You are the new Grey Warden of Ferelden, trained to defeat the newest Blight. What decisions and sacrifices will you make along the way? What new alliances w. Jul 06,  · KH_Makeup Mask will redefine the makeup placement on all character faces. KH_Soft hair and Beards will give all character’s hair and beards a softer, less harsh appearance. Bioware for the wonderful modding platform. Kani Hime for allowing her magnificent creations to be added to the Nexus.


Dragon age origins character creations.New to DAO, character creation tips? – Dragon Age: Origins

For Dragon Age: Origins on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled “New to DAO, character creation tips?”.Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. You are the new Grey Warden of Ferelden, trained to defeat the newest Blight. What decisions and sacrifices will you make along the way? What new alliances w. Mar 24,  · Dragon Age: Origins. close. Games. videogame_asset My games. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. chevron_left. And lastly, I am always on the look out for more character creation mods to add to this file. Tell me if there are some you particularly like! New in
Dragon Age: Origins – Class/Character Build Guide
Dragon Age: Origins

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. It also highlights some of the better endgame equipment to keep an eye out for, and provides some suggestions on how to build your allies based on the stats and talent sets that they start with.

This is my second guide for GameFAQs. I’ve tried to go into pretty good detail to help out players that are having trouble making various builds work or just plain finding the combat encounters in the game too difficult. This guide is based on game version 1. If I get a chance, I’ll update with info from Return to Ostagar and the upcoming expansion.

They’re kind enough to provide such a lovely resource for us all at no cost, after all. If you borrow from it, it’d be nice if you give credit where credit’s due : Comments and corrections can be sent to bturnereebATgmailDOTcom.

Other people who have gotten my permission to post the guide: rpglord. More details, such as what stats to prioritize or what exact abilities everyone gets, will be covered in later sections on actual character builds.

I’m generally assuming that the reader already knows the basic mechanics of the game, such as what each stat does, what the difference between defense and armour is, what fatigue is, etc. If you don’t, then you may want to read up on that first. Their class-specific talent tree allows them to make better use of heavier armour than anyone else, improves their performance when they’re engaging large numbers of enemies, and gives them some control over the degree to which enemies will prioritize them as a target, which is particularly important for warriors filling the tank role.

However, you shouldn’t go into the warrior class expecting them to be the easiest class to play, as they tend to be in many other RPGs. Like rogues and mages, warriors require strategy to use well and can’t simply go charging head-on into any battle they encounter, as tempting as that might be.

While not as sturdy or well suited to heavy armour as the warrior, rogues have a nice bag of tricks that gives them as much or even more survivability as their meaty frontline friends. Rogues probably require the most positional tactics of any class type, scouting ahead to clear out hazards or assassinate particularly dangerous targets before the rest of the group charges in, staying on the move and making use of battlefield positioning to maximize their impact.

Rogues are more limited in their selection of fighting styles than warriors, typically using either dual wielding, archery, or some combination of the two. However, because of their class mechanics, rogues are generally regarded as being better than warriors at both of these styles of combat. There’s almost never a time when you won’t want at least one rogue in your group, if only to clear out traps and pick locks.

If so, you guessed correctly. Mages have the most raw power of any class, in addition to having an enormous bag of tricks for keeping themselves alive against the odds and horribly incapacitating and mangling even the strongest enemies. Many of their spells are extremely potent on their own, but the spell combo mechanic can ramp up the destruction to even greater levels. For sheer battlefield control and dominance, nothing exceeds the potential of a mage.

They also make excellent group support characters, and can even be melee tanks if you pick the Arcane Warrior specialization more on that later. All humanoid characters other than Sten can learn 2 specializations, though only the PC actually gets to pick both, as the others generally start with one. Level requirements for each talent are in parentheses.

It is particularly well suited to tanks, since they’ll usually be in the thickest parts of the fight. This is the only warrior specialization that bolsters allies. Nothing spectacular on its own, though if you’ve got stamina to spare, it never hurts either.

Rally 12 – A sustained AoE defense buff. Very handy for shieldtanks and for giving a survivability boost to any rogues in your party. The main downside is that it knocks allied rogues out of stealth when they enter its AoE, which I’ve always thought was bloody silly. Motivate 14 – Adds an attack buff to Rally. If you use Rally a lot, it’s worth getting. Superiority 16 – Adds an AoE knockdown to War Cry, turning it from a mediocre debuff to a potent crowd control ability.

Every ability they get is oriented toward countering magical enemies in some way or other. This is a common choice for heavy tanks, but can be useful for nearly any warrior, though less so for warrior archers due to some of their abilities being melee-based.

Templar talents: Righteous Strike 7 – A passive ability that lets you drain mana from mages every time you hit them in melee. Sounds cool on paper, but to be honest I’ve never noticed it making much of a difference.

Cleanse Area 9 – The most useful Templar ability. Mental Fortress 12 – A permanent passive bonus to mental resistance. Fairly useful, since warriors tend not to have very good mental resistance, but I wouldn’t make it a priority.

Holy Smite 15 – A small AoE attack that does damage based on your Willpower and can also be stunned or knocked back. Kind of limited in usefulness unless you have very high Willpower. Mainly designed to be used against mages, as it drains mana from them and inflicts additional spirit damage based on the amount of mana drained. This would be kind of a useless ability if mages weren’t so ungodly powerful; killing enemy mages as soon as possible is usually a good strategy in any fight, so this talent may be worth taking to accomplish that, though I find the damage a bit underwhelming for its cost, even with a decent Willpower modifier.

Baker : you can also learn the Berserker specialization through a course of action during the random encounter with the incompetent ambushers – listen to them natter for a bit, and then charge them to spring your own ambush. Apparently there’s things like this for learning some of the other specializations; as I learn them, I’ll add them.

The entire purpose of the abilities gained is to boost your damage output, so it’s generally the clear choice for 2h or dual wielding warriors. Unlike in many games, Berserkers in DA:O don’t have to sacrifice survivability in exchange for this damage. Just watch your stamina early on. Berserker talents: Berserk 7 – a sustained ability that boosts your damage and mental resistance, but imposes a penalty on your stamina regeneration.

In general, there’s no reason why a Berserker should ever not have this on in combat. The major drawback is its obnoxiously long cooldown. Resilience 8 – contrary to the in-game description, this talent actually boosts your health regeneration while Berserk is active.

Worth getting. Constraint 10 – neutralizes the stamina regeneration penalty from Berserk while it’s active, meaning there’s even less reason not to have it active in combat. Final Blow 12 – uses all of your stamina to unleash one big attack. Does 1 damage for every 2 stamina spent. Kind of situational, and be aware that it can miss just like any other attack. Reaver can be a decent choice for tanks and damage dealers. Devour 7 – consumes nearby corpses, and restores health, with the amount based on your Magic stat, like health poultices.

Probably the most useful Reaver talent. Frightening Appearance 12 – causes your target to cower in fear if they fail a mental resistance check, and also boosts the effectiveness of Taunt and Threaten. Pretty useful for tanks. Considering it hurts you for the same amount as it hurts them, and also imposes a penalty on your health regeneration, this is far from a great ability.

Tanks don’t really want to be dropping their own hp and regen rate, and since it’s an AoE, it’ll tend to attract hostility toward DPS warriors. Kind of useless. Blood Frenzy 16 – Adds between 0 and 10 damage depending on how low your health is, and imposes a penalty to health regeneration. Basically a really shoddy version of Berserk. Not so useful for rogue archers. Assassin talents: Mark of Death 7 – a targeted debuff that increases all incoming damage against the afflicted enemy.

Great for dropping priority targets faster, like mages and bosses. Exploit Weakness 12 – adds a passive damage bonus to every backstab hit based on your Cunning score. Since you probably have a pretty high Cunning modifier as a rogue, this is a solid investment. Lacerate 14 – causes your backstabs to inflict a non-stacking DoT. More damage means a target that’s dead sooner, particularly against tougher enemies. Feast of the Fallen 16 – passively allows you to regain stamina any time you kill an enemy with a backstab.

Note that this only works for true backstabs where you’re flanking the enemy, and not Coup de Grace hits from the front against incapacitated enemies. If you find yourself getting low on stamina early on in battles, this is worth considering. Because their buffs automatically affect the whole party no matter where they are, unlike Champion buffs which are a circular AoE, this pairs up particularly well with ranged fighting styles.

A solid choice for any rogue looking to play more of a support role. The effect of all Bard songs are based on Cunning. Bards can only have one song active at a time. Bard talents: Song of Valour 7 – a sustained party buff that boosts stamina and mana regeneration. Extremely useful in nearly every situation. Distraction 8 – a sustained ability that decreases hostility and can disorient enemies that fail a mental resistance check.

Pretty situational and generally not necessary. Song of Courage 10 – a sustained party buff that boosts attack, damage, and critical hit chance.

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