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Jul 01,  · Destiny 2 Review / Gamplay by Mtashed: I had to mass edit all of my descriptions due to an annoying copyright claim. Sorry I can’t provide accurate info for. Apr 21,  · Aesthetically, miniature thrusters can be seen on the surface of the chest piece. The symbol on the front of the armor is identical to the symbol on the banners hung on the vaults in The Tower. In gameplay, airborne strafing can only be used once every 3 seconds. Twilight Garrison gives a Titan the ability to strafe in all directions whilst in mid-air, which is comparable to the Nightstalker . So I loaded up Destiny One..D2 Forsaken Giveaway that closes on the 30th of this month!������Gravez – Wh.


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Jul 01,  · Destiny 2 Review / Gamplay by Mtashed: I had to mass edit all of my descriptions due to an annoying copyright claim. Sorry I can’t provide accurate info for. Feb 17,  · Logically the twilight garrison coming back to D2 would make no sense. If it does then hunters need exotic armor that might build a titan wall or a rift since abilities like that are class specific. level 2. So I loaded up Destiny One..D2 Forsaken Giveaway that closes on the 30th of this month!������Gravez – Wh.

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Play nice. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Cancel Edit Create Fireteam Post. Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging bypassing the report queue if you select a punishment. Destiny 2 Discuss all things Destiny 2. Forum Sub-Category. Post a Poll. Question Post. Posted by. Destiny 2. Help Forums. Titans need an evade. Warlocks have Icarus Dash and Blink, hunters have 3 different evades, the 2 regular ones and Backris which is a little op I think.

Titans have Zero. All we ask is for TG to come back I think that’s fair. I understand your concern. Maybe Twilight Garrison would be too much in D2 because movement, in general, is already very good.

Many have made the point that “titans already have stasis melee and shoulder charges and stasis knee slide. Like if I’m in a gun fight, it would be nice just move to the left or right real quick.

That’s not possible with shoulder charge, and with stasis melee you can only activate that every 30 or so seconds at best. Someone in the comments already suggested something like this. What if Bungie gave us a different evasive exotic that activates on the ground and has some sort of a drawback. That would be much more balanced than Twilight Garrison.

On that note, does anyone have any suggestions on drawbacks on such an exotic? Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time Twilight Garrison should return. Yes, or give me an exotic that allows me to put up my shield sooner. It takes forever. The gap is usually closed quickly in a gunfight Mask of Backris is too op since it also can have a fragment tied to it.

Turd Furgeson. For those saying no because Titan stasis is op, well then it should be a light subclass only exotic. Same for other classes. If you are a Titan main or just play it here and there then you know that in pvp, Titan light subclasses are shit. Please look at things outside of your personal opinions.

Titans are underrepresented in Trials and comp so yeah they need a hand. Vex Mythoclast. I do think if Titans were to get a dodge mechanic, be it in the form of exotic armor or subclass characteristic, it should just provide a side-to-side dodge. Marsuveez Black. Because your shoulder charges and stasis slide isn’t enough, right? You have a freakin wall that you can place anywhere. I’d love for TG to come back but this game already has too much mobility tools and the movement is just too much.

If anything movement should be nerfed. Cryoclasm needs to be in line with a dunemarcher slide it would still be really good , TTDB needs at least one of the two dashes gone and hitting your head on the ceiling on a hunter shouldn’t send you flying.

I think each class should have some kind of evade. The thing that sets the Hunter dodge apart is that it can reload your gun or recharge your melee both if you have dragon’s shadow while breaking aim assist and bullet magnetism.

With an ability that does all that I think Titans having a midair dodge is perfectly fine Thanks for reading the whole thing if you did and have a nice day :. Warlocks are locked to top dawn only for it to work. Could you imagine if twighlight worked on behemoth? And again, locked to 1 tree of classes.

Hunters get the advantage of a dodge no matter what, bakris elevates that again on 1 subclass only. If it came back, it would have to function on only 1 of the subclasses solar arc or void, not stasis it would be the only way to ensure it had the same restrictions as the others. If not I greatly worry it would quickly become the most used in something like trials.

However a good way around this could be to only give 1 dodge on garrison. Not as good as top tree dawn but the trade off that you pick what subclass it can be used with.

I think that would perhaps work. One could argue that the animation is too slow, but thats a different conversation. Hunters mains would absolutely lose their sh! They throw a fit every time something gets close to being comparable to their class. Would love to see twilight garrison come back and I’m a hunter main. Maybe restrict it to light subclasses and not stasis but honestly I’m just saying that to appease people who think it would be broken.

I don’t buy into the “titans are supposed to be slow and tanky” crowd. To me, titans are the “explode through your door and kick shit in the face” type of characters.

That would be cool but obviously warlocks dont want that happening as they want to be the only class that can get to a sniper lane in 0.

Titans shouldn’t even be able to use guns because they have OHK melees, derrr. Like, please, the actual ohk melees are so situational and so risky. Meanwhile, dodges are literal lifesavers and game changers. I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been killed be a Titan powered melee in the last 3 months. Meanwhile, getting position on a hunter who can just dodge away with ease is much more difficult to deal with.

As a Titan main I think if they did bring it back it should be light class exclusive super slide plus twilight might be unfair. You have stasis melee and slide. Um no titans don’t need twilight garrison they already have the super slide on stasis with the insane movement from the melee if you add twilight into the mix it would make stasis titan even more ridiculous than it already is.

So you can sprint, stasis slide then garrison dash two times, stasis punch which is basically another long ass dash and finally combo it by activating ur super and roam around the map for 2minutes? Nah Titans are fine. Aren’t Titans supposed to be the tanky, hard to kill class with a few exceptions like stasis? Add too many exceptions and the line between titans and the others is more blurred.

Put simply, if you want to move fast and be hard to hit you should be a hunter main. Titans excel in other areas, and you have to admit cryoclasm is already very powerful. The melee is also incredible. But if twilight does end up coming back it should only be on light based subclasses so it doesn’t get too crazy.

Boy oh boy, back in my day titans didnt have a solar subclass. There needs to be an incentive to play each character, and every character having it’s own thing is dull and boring. Bring back class specific exotics. I am over the age of AGE. Permanent Ban. This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the policies documented at Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.

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