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Crota hard mode loot.Crota’s End Loot Table


Crota hard mode loot.Crota’s End: What’s New in Hard Mode


Diving down into Crota’s Netherworld.Crota’s End Loot Table


May 08,  · Just like the Vault, there’s no XP to be earned in Crota’s End, just loot. So don’t worry about leveling your stuff up here. Hard mode tips: The big change in the Crota fight: No Chalice Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins. Feb 03,  · Hard Mode is where primary weapons drop. If you Run Normal Mode First then Hard Mode the loot rolls are separate (not combined like VOG). There have been confirmed dual helmet drops, dual weapon drops, and dual exotic drops (by dual I mean one drop on Normal and one drop on Hard – at the same checkpoint). Feb 20,  · It is an extremely rare drop (probably a lower percentage than the Vex Mythoclast), and you will NOT get it if you are beating Crota on hard mode .


Crota hard mode loot.Destiny: Crota’s End Raid Guide for Normal and Hard Mode | Digital Trends

Feb 20,  · It is an extremely rare drop (probably a lower percentage than the Vex Mythoclast), and you will NOT get it if you are beating Crota on hard mode . Put it on a weekly rotation not unlike Nightfalls. Give it special team challenges present only in this game mode specific to the maps in rotation. Give it the option for a hard mode with its own loot and special set of challenges to overcome. Perhaps even create special weapons that only drop from this particular mode for people to chase. Jan 16,  · Destiny: Crota’s End Hard Mode Launches January 21st with Exclusive Loot The hard mode version of the Crota’s End raid is set to arrive on January 21st, Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.
Here’s your guide to conquering Destiny’s moon raid, Crota’s End
Chest Locations
Destiny: Crota’s End Hard Mode Launches January 21st with Exclusive Loot
[divider]Traversing the Abyss
Crota’s End: What’s New in Hard Mode

Set deep below the surface of the Moon, players face armies of Hive in the pitch-black darkness as they fight and puzzle their way to the chamber of the warrior-god Crota, son of Oryx. Problem-solving is just as important as raw firepower, and we strongly recommend that you and your assembled group of raiders try to tackle Crota without assistance your first time through.

Read on for a full rundown of each section of the raid, complete with solutions to the assorted puzzles and tips for tackling every combat challenge. Also, just like the Vault of Glass hard mode, there are no revives throughout the entire raid. Other than that, no revives.

To get started, simply proceed down the hill and stand on the circular plate near the edge of the cliff. This causes a platform to slowly materialize right in front of you, extending out above the Hellmouth. A few tips before you start. Try to get as many people in your group up to level 30 as you can before you even attempt this raid. Your team starts on a circular, well-lit platform surrounded on all sides by darkness.

Now, back to the lanterns. The stacks slowly drain away as you bathe yourself in the white glow. You can tell an explosion is coming when you see the white glow shift to an orange hue. Communication is key. And everyone should always arrive looking past the current lantern to spot the next one.

Ice Breaker no scope fire, for the most part , Fatebringer, and any weapons that have the Firefly perk makes enemies downed with a precision shot explode are extremely useful during this stretch. One exploding enemy often unleashes a chain reaction that takes out the surrounding Thralls as well.

As soon as one person steps onto it, the final Abyss sequence begins, with a bridge that slowly forms just beyond the plate while Hive spawn converge on your team. During this sequence, designate two or three people to focus on the Thralls and Cursed Thralls. One or two others should look out into the darkness for Ogres that spawn; these need to be taken down immediately. The final player should help with the melee attackers, but mostly watch for a group of approaching melee Knights.

Just like the Ogres, these need to be dispatched quickly. The jump is possible even with WoD stacks preventing you from double-jumping. Only the Ogres can attack the player camped out on the rock, so have that player focus on them, preferably with an Ice Breaker or other high-damage, long-range weapon. After a few minutes, the bridge forms and all WoD is wiped away. At this point, everyone should disregard the Hive — which continue to spawn — and get across the bridge. Keep running straight toward the white light until you get your reward for completing the section and a load screen pops up.

It can spawn in any one of several small chambers that are tucked away in the darkness. Hard mode tips: The basic flow of the Abyss remains the same in hard mode, but everything moves a lot faster. Weight of Darkness builds up at around twice the rate that it did before; expect to generate at least four stacks during your initial sprint to the first lamp, for example.

It still drains at the same rate. The big difference in hard mode is every player needs to be able to take care of themselves. A few other changes: All Cursed Thralls, Knights, and in the case of the bridge encounter Ogres are majors yellow health bar , which makes them much tougher to kill. Try to get two Guardians up there and have them focus all their fire on the Ogre.

That should be enough to take it down. Even if the rest of the team wipes, the Guardians on the rock should be able to stay alive and make the final run to complete this section of the raid.

For starters, Hive spawn in — starting with Thralls and Acolytes, but eventually adding in Knights as well — as soon as the bridge starts to build.

Leave them alone for more than 10 seconds or so and the whole team gets wiped out. The Annihilator Totems can be halted by having at least one Guardian stand on the plate underneath each one while the bridge is materializing. In other words, building the bridge requires a minimum of three Guardians: One on the bridge plate and one apiece on each of the two Annihilator Totem plates. In order to cross the bridge, you need to be holding a sword. You get one from a Swordbearer Knight that spawns shortly after the bridge starts building.

More Hive spawn on side B as well, but only the Gatekeeper is a sword-required kill. Once three Guardians are across to side B, the whole process continues as before, but in reverse.

Side B has a bridge plate and Annihilator Totems that roughly mirror the layout of side A. So side B builds the bridge while side A deals with the Swordbearer, sending Guardians across one at a time to take on the Gatekeeper once the bridge is built and the sword is in hand.

Once the crossing is done — either because all six are safely on side B or because everyone left on side A is downed — the entire group should huddle up and start killing Hive. Once that happens, all fire should focus on one, then the other. As soon as the Ogres are down, the entire scenario is over.

Any downed players on side A are automatically revived and the bridge automatically forms, allowing anyone to cross. Hard mode tips: This whole sequence is relatively unchanged from a strategy perspective. If you do happen to be playing with sub characters, make them take the sword across last. The level 33 enemies pose a major threat to all players, regardless of their level.

And much like the Abyss, anything more threatening than a Thrall or Acolyte is a yellow health bar-bearing major. There are two ways to tackle this next, relatively brief section, which amounts to a short jaunt down a wide, snaking hallway. Which brings us to the hard way. At the end of the hallway is a room with a large pit in the middle that you need to drop into to reach the next section of the raid. Directly across the room from where you enter, on the other side of the pit, is a large door.

There are also two Shriekers the diamond-shaped floating Hive enemies that fire purple homing blasts once anyone gets too close. This part can be extremely chaotic when you send the full team of six Guardians down the hall at the same time.

The first Shrieker in particular is easily sniped without anyone even having to enter the hallway avoid the death blasts it releases after you down it. For the second one, a group of three or four Guardians — preferably including one Hunter who can go invisible — should proceed carefully down the hallway, leaping from one rock formation to another. The Hunter should just keep moving forward, preferably while invisible, and trust the rest of the team to take care of the Shriekers. If the door does happen to close all the way, just make sure to not enter the final room — the one with the pit — since doing so triggers a checkpoint.

Just let the Hive take your party out and try again. All you need to do is get one person into the room with the chest. Even if the door closes, it just re-opens when the rest of the party gets close. Hard mode tips: The best thing you can do in the Thrallway on hard mode is not bother with the chest. Stick to the same basic strategy of staying off the floor as much as possible. It helps to have a Hunter go invisible, to better avoid the Shrieker death blasts.

Not having to worry about the chest removes the ticking clock from the equation, so just focus on clearing the Shriekers and punching one Guardian through to the end chamber, at which point everything de-spawns. Two rewards down, two more to go. Proceeding north down the short hallway from that starting room leads to a courtyard, with a small set of stairs providing access to the larger portion of the chamber.

Stairs leading up to the second story are accessible on the east and west sides of the room. There are doorways on the second level at the top of each set of stairs southwest and southeast corners and a pair of towers that you can only get into by jumping, in the northeast and northwest corners. Ignore them as your team splits into two groups of three, with one making for the east side of the chamber and the other, for the west side. The wizards, once riled, come out through each doorway, exposing themselves to weapons fire from the groups camped out in the towers.

Each threesome needs to take down their wizard, then clean up any Knights and other Hive milling around by the doorway. All of this is made trickier by the fact that the area is swarming with Knights, Acolytes, and Thralls.

For one, keep an eye on the main room. You want to move in on Ir Yut from the opposite side. Beyond that, expect to encounter more enemies, and tougher enemies, all at level This causes force fields to materialize on the right and left, locking you into the chamber while Hive spawn in. After 10 or 20 seconds, the force fields disappear and the Hive outside attack in force. Mostly Acolytes, with two melee Knights on each side.

He fires arc blasts at anyone that gets too close, and he swings his sword in a big, sweeping arc one-hit kill at anyone who really gets too close. Two members of the group, preferably armed with Ice Breakers, should hang back and focus all of their attention on the northwestern tower.

They need to be dealt with immediately. Just like the ranged Knights, take this one out quickly. Meanwhile, the remaining four players should focus their attention toward the center of the chamber, near the Chalice spawn, to watch for a Swordbearer just like the one from the earlier bridge encounter. Its sword is needed to damage Crota, but the timing for killing it varies according to the situation. Timing and communication is absolutely key here.

Once the Swordbearer spawns, pepper it with body shots until it rushes the western position. Crota eventually moves to the east side of the chamber, and the idea is to get at least one go with the sword in before he does. The sword-wielder needs to get on that rock and wait. While all of that is happening, the rest of the team except for the two covering the western tower should lay into Crota with primary weapons only.

One player in the group firing at Crota should be designated as the caller, letting the sword-wielder know when the big guy is at percent shield, then percent shield. Once the combo is complete, the sword-wielder needs to immediately turn around and get back to the rock. It only lasts for two or three seconds.

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