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Castle clash here be monsters base.Team Here Be Monsters


Castle clash here be monsters base.Here Be Monsters


Challenge I.Base Designs | Castle Clash Wiki | Fandom


Description: Tower based design. Monsters target your towers while your heroes take them out. Towers can be interchanged with mana/gold vaults if your towers are low levels Two ranged heroes required, preferrably Engineer and Druid at the edges closest to the towers Note: Monsters break through the walls on the east and wide a lot. 1. Set up your defense in your base and deter invading enemies with other players! 2. Earn great rewards when you achieve your first win! 3. For Expert mode, the rewards consist of Chests of four different grades (Common, Rare, Mythic, Legendary). You will get a random Chest as your reward after each victory. If you deploy 1 specified Hero, the Common-grade Chest will be removed from the. It is a fact of life, though, and if you have a weak base design, you get raided a lot in Castle Clash. A strong base is good for the “Here Be Monsters” (HBM) minigame, which is a GREAT way to earn shards (for buying heroes and donating to GrayThieves ha ha) and XP for your heroes. You earn about 3x the XP from a HBM round than from a raid on another ted Reading Time: 3 mins.


Castle clash here be monsters base.Castle Clash | Team Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters. In each Challenge, five waves of monsters will attack your base. Each wave will attack from a random direction. Defend your base from invasion! Defeating each wave grants Gold, Mana, Hero EXP, and Hero Shards. x 3 hour. Here Be Monster is one of the feature quests in Quest Board where having such quests gives you a reward of 8 shards. For Here Be Monsters strategy, visit page Base Designs and Here Be Monsters Strategy Guide for more information. Challenge Checkpoints Summary. Each checkpoint has 5 waves, detailed below. The hero and troop levels increase in each wave. COMPLETE Here Be Monsters (HBM) Guide Hi all, I am nicejojo12 (my Might is currently k), and this post is aimed to guide you through ALL HBM levels. Just to prove I know what I’m talking about, here are screenshots of my base (Update: Here is my current base .
Castle Clash Base Design
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Castle Clash Base Design | Austin videogame writer thoughts | game writer central
Base Designs
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Here Be Monsters | Castle Clash Wiki | Fandom

There are many base design approaches for the Clash, but in general experienced players agree on these things:. Try staffing your base with low-level troops guardian, hunter, pyromancer instead of your usual troops. If you can get away with it, this will make it a lot quicker to attempt several sequential rounds of Here Be Monsters.

Great trick I learned from Pepsicolla. XP from Here Be Monsters gets split between all active heroes, even those in the towers. If you can survive with fewer heroes in the towers, great. Once the attacker burns past the outer ring of buildings, which are simply bait, the attacking troops pick the nearest remaining target, which is a tower.

Then they charge that tower, ignoring the heroes at the center! I might try a variation of this with my vaults in the middle. Again, Castle Clash base design varies greatly depending on the level of your buildings and heroes. Check the IGG base design thread mentioned in 4 above to figure out what works for you…! This is essential for keeping these pages up to date! Thanks a lot man! Great ideas and advice! Thanks again! Keep posting more great advice!! Glad it was helpful! This might take some planning if your builders are always busy, but people rarely attack if you have less than , gold.

Good q…! How much of the total XP did your hero earn? I actually do get the same trouble as Game Writer Guy. E is a tough one. Does the xp get shared on all the heroes included those who cant level further, both in hero base and garrison? I know they dont get any xp, but is the xp still splitted? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It is a fact of life, though, and if you have a weak base design, you get raided a lot in Castle Clash.

Be smart about upgrading your base because the higher your might, the nastier the players who come to raid you and also when you go raiding, those targets are stronger too. Base design changes as you grow in strength and add towers and walls. Pepsi shared this link to a thread at the IGG forums where they talk about the best base design for every stage, based on your town hall level.

Join the Conversation. Tom yeah great point. Are you sure there were no heroes garrisoned in your towers. They too take up experience. Thanks for asking! Leave a comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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