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Asus ram cache 2.


Asus ram cache 2.


Ramcache allocation.Are RoG RAM Cache and RAM Disk worth running? – Page 2


I believe both RAM and SSD can be used as cache on the same computer. I enabled cache for system drive (C) and games drive (D), for both reading and writing operations. Now my programs start instantly and games load much faster. For example: Adobe Photoshop normal start 10 seconds, cache start 2 seconds (5 times faster). Modern ROG PCs usually feature a memory capacity of between 4~64GB in total. However, Windows 7 or Windows 8 features a better use of memory so most of it remains empty, a large amount of the time. In many cases, a application will still have its performance limited due to the need to access or cache data hosted by the SSD or HDDs into memory. The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache.


Asus ram cache 2.RAMCache II – Is it worth it?

Sep 12,  · I have 32 GB RAM and I dedicate 1/2 of that to PrimoCache, which I think the ROG RAM cache is based on. It works really well. Worth it IMO. I use it in a persistent mode – it gets loaded pretty quick at startup. It is a low level disk block cache. It get % cache hits, which is extremely good. The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache. Very good ram and GHz always been looking for ram under $ for DDR4 and this is the great option for that CORSAIR – VENGEANCE LPX Series 16GB (2PK 8GB) GHz DDR4 Desktop Memory – Black” ” Should have checked the Asus site to find the recommended speed.

Setting up a RamCache or RamDrive
How To Set Up A RamCache On ASUS X79 Series Motherboards | ROG – Republic of Gamers Global

What Is A RamCache?
What is ASUS RAMCache II? – Quora

With the recent launch of the X79 chipset and its support for Quad Channel memory once again the debate has been raised as to what can we do with additional memory as well as how can we benefit not only from the density but the increased bandwidth. Well the answer is easy use that memory as a cache or harddisk! Actually the answer comes in the form of two items which have been used for some time in professional spaces and workstation and server environments.

Currently at this time in the DIY industry memory pricing has hit an all time low with 4GB being not only readily available but low cost even for higher frequencies likeDDR3 With this in mind this quick setup guide will show you how you can take the memory you would normally install on platform and not utilize it and not only utilize it but greatly benefit from it.

In addition as memory is not limited in regards to a defined bus frequency of operation as is SATA you can not only improve performance by using a RamDisk or RamCache but continue to increase performance by using faster memory Such as using DDR3 1, will offer great performance but moving to DDR3 1, will offer even high performance gains.

A Ramcache essentially serves as an invisible prioritized hard drive in the sense data is present on it. This hard drive is actually a cache and contains the most commonly accessed data on system. This cache improves performance by taking over key parts of reading and writing the most accessed data. Minimizing and in some cases eliminating the involvement of considerably slower standard storage options. As the read, write and access time performance of DRAM “memory” is considerably faster than that of standard storage devices this is where the huge increase in performance comes.

Different speeds and voltage ranges are available 1. There are a number of solutions currently on the market. All of our X79 series of board have been tuned for excellent memory compatibility as well support for higher densities and high frequencies. In internal testing we currently have been able to hold 8 dimm configurations in excess of speeds. Complete windows installation depending on the capacity of your SSD you may find a significant reduction in useable space when increasing the quantity of system memory on your PC.

Be advised adjustments noted below can considerably reduce the used volume space after windows installation. Prior to going through with the installation reference your current memory usage. In most situations your overall initial footprint for memory usage will be approx 1.

This baseline number will be added with the amount being allocated either automatically or user defined so it is important to know how much active memory is being used. As we see we verified the amount our OS installation was using and have proceeded to move forward with the installation. If you would like to manually define a parameter at the offset uncheck the automatically box.

Be advised recommendations of cache size vary depending on the applications, games etc being run on the system. Continue to click through the confirmation screens allowing the installation to proceed. Once completed the installation will ask that you reboot the system. Please do so. Once the installation is completed verify you new default memory usage as this now includes your SuperCache.

Should you want to adjust the amount of memory used for SuperCache proceed forward. Open the application and right click on the primary windows volume which has a SuperCache default installed to it. Select Cache from the range of options presented. Select configure this will take you to the configuring SuperCache console.

In the example I have adjusted to 8GB. In addition for additionally extending performance you can select to enable the Deferred Write Mode option. Be advised this option can potentially cause issues if power is suddenly cut, dropped from the system. It is advised you use a UPS with this option. As we are choosing to maximize performance we have selected this option. Should you want to attempt to maximize performance further you can consider an option of 1s which internally has yielded a small additional bump in performance.

Once you have gone through these steps you will have successfully completed setup and configuration of a RamCache. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to show us your own RamCache setup, feel free to post them in the comment thread.

HOME Articles usa. Article Tags: Hands On. Setting up a RamCache or RamDrive With the recent launch of the X79 chipset and its support for Quad Channel memory once again the debate has been raised as to what can we do with additional memory as well as how can we benefit not only from the density but the increased bandwidth. What Is A RamCache? What you will need to setup a RamCache. For a video walkthrough please watch the linked video below.

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