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Amx-1 repair bot.Transmission


Amx-1 repair bot.M3-A Multifunction Space Drone


Explore Properties.AMX-1 Repair Droid – Star Citizen Wiki


AMX-1 Repair Bot. GAMEPLAY. Was looking at the early day reward stuff, saw one of the rewards was the AMX-1 Repair Bot. Whats the status on repair robots? (or any robot for that matter). I have a bigger interest in Robot universe tech than FOIP for example. AMX-1 Repair Bot “A pilot’s best friend”, the AMX-1 Repair Bot can access and repair any standard ship system with ease. It was given to all backers who backed by July 6th, Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. This maintenance drone is not necessarily the “Saga Datasystems’ AMX-1 Repair Droid bot” from an early Star Citizen stretch goal It’s a bit large.


Amx-1 repair bot.Miscellaneous – Star Collector

Here’s the backstory: The legend on the Saga Datasystems’ AMX -1 Repair Bot box says “a pilot’s best friend” and few experienced flyers would disagree. Thanks to a network of nine telescoping flex arms, the AMX -1 can access and repair any standard ship system with ease. The bot does NOT give you back materials when it dies because it isnt a pet (and so cannot move either). It does NOT sell a copy of itself. It IS useful for 40 man raids in molten core where porting out to repair the entire raid then killing respawned mobs on the way back in would take some time. The legend on the Saga Datasystems’ AMX-1 Repair Droid bot box says “a pilot’s best friend” and few experienced flyers would disagree. Thanks to a network of nine telescoping flex arms, the AMX-1 can access and repair any standard ship system with ease. Though it lacks the full speech boards and.
AMX-1 Repair Droid
AMX-1 Repair Droid
AMX-1 Repair Droid | Star Citizen Wiki | Fandom
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M3-A Multifunction Space Drone | Star Citizen Wiki | Fandom

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You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles!

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Comment by This makes life a whole lot easier in a raid environment! Also, these little buggers are often summoned by GMs for raid groups that show promise in killing bosses on content push test realms. Only engineers gnomish or goblin with skill may learn the schematic after clicking on it. It helps to clear Argelmach and his golems prior. Comment by The plans to be able to make this item are found in Blackrock Depths inside the Blackrock Mountain. They are just before the bar in the room before the fire elementals.

You will have to kill the boss near them however if you use a target dummy you are able to loot the plans, and then die or as a rogue vanish. This item is usefull to repair your equipment mid raid, it costs the same as repairs as a neutral NPC. After 10 minutes its internal motor fails. Comment by In order to pick up the recipe you’ll neeed the Shadowforge Key to get to the boss.

There are two bosses you need to kill if you don’t have the key on you. First the arena boss to get through to the top of the arena and then the dwarf standing with some golems for the iron fel for the quest item.

Both can be soloed at 70 without problem. Hits for about on clothies and with about k health You’ll probably need a health pot if you can’t heal. Took me about 2 hours to do the whole thing because I got lost in BRD lol So basicly this is what you need to do: 1. Jump into the lava and die, then ghost run to the dwarf ghost, get the key quest and rez. Go into BRD, clear the arena event, run up. There will be a locked door and a switch that both requires the key, turn right and go to the end of the hallway,there should be a window.

Jump out of the window and head toward, ignore the elementals and the boss, you should see the road going up and the dwarf boss standing there. This is where you get the key. Head back and turn left at the middle of the hallway, across the top of the arena and you should be standing in the room where the locked door and switch is.

Jump off the stairs and turn on the switch, go back to the window and you should be able to get through the blocked doorway now. Follow the road, then turn right, the boss is standing next to the recipe at the end of the hallway.

Click on the recipe, congratulations! You can now make Field Repair Bot 74A. It won’t even let you pick it up unless you have It’s a scroll you click on it and then click the little bubble and you can make it. Comment by Thottbot The locations on Thott are wrong.

Comment by Thottbot I had wanted this for a while, but couldn’t ever get a good group together. I decided to see if I could solo to it. I should have been a rogue. For those who asked: Turn left when you enter the instance. Go through the door, go through the other door to the right. Go through the door to the left. Close the gate, by interacting with the “lever. Follow the corridor around, until you reach a room with two stairways, one to the left, and one to the right, both going down.

Take the one to the right. The schematic is at Golem Lord Argelmach’s feet. Comment by Thottbot You need engineering to be able to “pick up” the schematic for this. The bot does NOT give you back materials when it dies because it isnt a pet and so cannot move either. It does NOT sell a copy of itself. It IS useful for 40 man raids in molten core where porting out to repair the entire raid then killing respawned mobs on the way back in would take some time.

If you’re in a guild doing MC get this, otherwise don’t worry about it too much. Comment by Thottbot It is traditional for the other members of the raid to tip the person who drops the repair bot.

Comment by Thottbot Ever heard of a Target Dummy? Easy to make, doesn’t last long, Make it! It dies, you get your wiring. Comment by Thottbot Like every other recipe in the game, you still “know how” after making 1. The repair bot itself is consumed, recipe obviously not. Comment by Thottbot Okay this is how you do it solo since no-one bothered to post it before that I could see. Enter BRD. Take a left, open the door, hang a right avoid the guard , open that door as well, hang another left, open that door.

From there, stealth up to the shadowforge lock, open that. Restealth, head up the stairs, follow the path around until you enter the Manufactory, stealth right up to the plans, get near the barrel of oil, use distract for an extra second if you want it. Right click on the plans, you’ll drop right out of stealth and pull agro, don’t worry though, you can be in combat and there is no opening delay, click on the copy button and vanish.

From there rogues can stealth out. Druids, just die :p. Equip a pet trinket dragonling, chicken, Choose your flavour Stand in the part of the room adjacent to where Argelmach is, out of aggro range. Make sure your stealth counter is ready, and that you have selected a target close but away from the trio Argelmach and the 2 golems , summon your pet trinket, immediately stealth and walk towards the target.

Your pet will go towards the mob in the big room, aggro and the trio will run after it. The pet will last a little longer than a snowball in hell but that’s just about enough time to open the scroll and copy it to your book! Fast clicking required! If you’re lucky, you can even vanish and not die! My first attempt chicken failed but I vanished and succeeded on the next dragonling If I’d waited for vanish cooldown, I could even have HS out! You’ll be revered later on when everyone can repair after a wipe!

Comment by Thottbot no you do not, you can make it where the plans specify most likely with an anvil but you do not need to make it by the golem. Comment by Thottbot Once a Engineer deploys the Bot anyone can make use of it to repair their things. Comment by Thottbot You get the schematic by the lord. You need to be engineering to make and deploy this object.

You can sell junk and repair you gear with this bot. No, the engineer does not get anything out of it. It won’t even follow you around. Rogues, druids, and hunters can solo this. Or you can have a lvl 60 run ahead of you can pull all the agro Comment by Allakhazam I got it the schematic but haven’t made it yet.

Is this a one-time, consumable item? Or can you keep using the same robot again and again. Comment by Allakhazam anyone know if you can use 2 of these in 1 run? Comment by Allakhazam Hi was wondering if it only takes the eng to deploy it and anyone can use it? Any info on this would be good. If not eng SUCK Comment by Allakhazam im a rouge a lev 32 rouge and i have a few questions where is teh golem lord room and if im in stealth mode can i copy it or will i unstealth and is the golem considered humanoid oh and i know a great place to get teh fused wiring just make a post asking where if u wanna know, this isn’t gnomer to let u know and teh monster that drops it drops it about once every 2 – 3 kills : problem is theres only about 4 spawned at one time : to long to type if no one wants to know Edited, Tue Jul 26 Comment by Allakhazam Yep just got mine my group kind of wiped trying to clear room before Golem Lord Argelmach so I just did a suicide mission and sent my pet in luckily the schematic doesnt have any delay after you use it.

Just use it and click on text that popups and you will auto learn how to make it. Luckily I didn’t die and I Feign Death before my pet died. Comment by Allakhazam i think engineering is required to read the shem. Comment by Allakhazam Black rock depths. Comment by Allakhazam 59 rogue – I stealthed through BRD to this room, let loose my arcanite dragonling and took the plans. The dragon died instantly from golem lord and his cronies, and I died shortly after. It was worth it :.

Comment by Allakhazam If you want to farm fused wiring, then either make a crapload of target dummies to suicide for it, or camp shredders in STV.

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